Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday Shmaturday

The rain continues to come down and I am getting an EXTREME case of cabin fever. It's just been Kate and me as Matt has had to work a lot of OT due to the weather. Bad weather = power outages = no Matt.

Anyway, I've cleaned my entire house, or maybe it was just the downstairs (wink,wink), because I have an immense love for cleaning. Sike. (Yes, I did just use that word.) The real reason is because there is some kind of odor coming from somewhere that I cannot find! We've tried following our noses to the source but it isn't working. Matt's granny and a few other visitors seem to think it's in my head, and say they don't smell what I'm talking about. I think that Kate must have hidden food or SOMETHING somewhere. Welcome to my world people! So I've been cleaning like a mad woman trying to find where the heck it's coming from. I just keep saying, "pue" (pronounced like the word 'you' but with a 'p' sound in the front...). My cousing Ben is forever making fun of me for using that word, which I don't even think is a real word. But, anyone who knows me knows that I am VERY big on smells, so it is driving me crazy! Seriously, I judge a place (and people) on smell more than looks. I'm weird. I know. Anyway, you get the picture. Wish me luck on my scavenger hunt!

Just as I was about to close this post my sis called and I was telling her about my situation and she said she thinks it's probably just from all the rain and everything outside near the house being so wet that it's probably just a wet, stinky smell from outside. It DID just start to smell yesterdayish, which is when it really started to flood. So who knows? She's probably just trying to make me feel better!

This Saturday has turned out to be awesome.


Kristy said...

I have a super sense of smell too. How do you combat the "upper elementary odor" at school? (Don't you teach 5th?) I LOVE Glade candles on a candle warmer. (Clean Linen rocks!) It really helps me make it through after lunch and recess, when they reek of food and sweat. (ugh)
Oh yeah... my furniture is made by Ashley. My husband works for a small town furniture store, but I bet they are in the Ashley stores in real towns. (My town of 8000 people is not a "real" town)ha!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Oh it's terrible when you don't know where it's coming from! I am better at the large scope cleaning, sorting, things like that, but mopping is the worst! :)

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

We own an older house in Memphis that smells normal 99% of the time but when it rains or gets too hot in their some of the "old house" smell comes out. Don't judge me! ;-)