Monday, August 31, 2009

He keeps me straight and she keeps me laughing

I've told ya'll before about Kate's bedhead issue and it seems that unfortunately for her (and for me because I'm the one that's gotta tame that mess) it hasn't gotten much better. On Sunday morning she woke up like she does every morning, with a bird's nest in the back of her head.

This picture doesn't really show the depth of the 'mat'. And even though she still had that early morning squint going on, she made sure that she put on those high heels. I mean really, they go with just about everything you know, even a diaper and pajama top.

Well, as it turned out, I had quite a mess on the top of my head, too. So as I was trying to hold the camera up above my head to snag a pic to show you all, my camera skills failed me. It really is quite awkward holding a camera above your head just so and trying to press the magic button. And if you're wondering why I didn't just retake it, the picture I actually ended up with will explain...

Instead of getting the desired picture, I ended up getting M to the Izz-A oh so helpfully breaking down the exact amount of time we had left before we needed to leave for church. Here is his, watching me try to take a picture of the back of my head, and getting...well...slightly irritated. He's telling me in his 'man of the house voice' that we had to be in the car, driving down the driveway, headed for Sunday School in exactly 27 minutes and some odd seconds. The use of his hands of course is strictly for dramatic effect and is supposed to be showing how serious he is. So as you can see, I knew I better not try to retake the picture and instead took myself upstairs with a quickness to start getting ready. When I uploaded this photo I died laughing because I couldn't wait to show him what he looks like when he puts on his Hollieifyoudon'tgetyourbuttreadyIhatetobelate face. He thought it was funny, but wasn't nearly as amused with it as I was.

Speaking of church, Kate loves it and has been learning a lot. She also loves riding in the car listening to her CD's with Bible songs on it. Her favorite song right now is "Who Did?" It's about Jonah and the Whale and goes something like this: Who Did? Who Did? Who Did? Who Did? Who did swallow Jo, Jo, Jonah?! Well, I'm telling you this little story because as you know, nothing can be normal in our family. Kate doesn't sing the words exactly right. She thinks that instead of the song saying "Who Did?" that is says "pooted." And when she gets in the car she yells, "Play pooted, pooted!" Yea, makes for an interesting conversation when she starts singing it a church.

However, she is learning some things correctly and even uses them to teach Mommy a lesson or two! The other night as I was giving her a bath and told her to stand up so that I could finish rinsing her off, she ignored me and remained seated. I kept saying, "Stand up, Kate. Stand up." And with no success on my part, she still didn't budge. So, beginning to lose my patience (who me?), I raised my voice and said with much frustration, "Kate, stand up!" And with the exact amount of force in her voice, she stood up and said, "For Jesus!!" All I could do was laugh. She surely shed a whole new light on the situation. So I answered, "Yes, stand up for Jesus. Because I know He definitely wouldn't want you to go to bed with soap in all of your crevices!"

Friday, August 28, 2009

Let's Just Get It Over With

Okay, so I honestly thought that Blogger would have totally thrown out my blog by now and slapped a big fat header across the top, something along the lines of "Abandoned" or "Neglected" or "This Blogger Is Lazy As All Get Out". But to my pleasant surprise, good ol' Moddy is still hanging around, and while she may be hangin' on by a thread, the fact is, she's still hanging.
Kinda feels weird to be blogging right now... it's been way too long. And you would think that I would have tons to say, but I seriously do not. I mean dang, have I become a woman of few words?! That would be a first. And if so, I don't remember signing up for it! I can't even promise that I won't pause mid-post to go and finish watching Toot and Puddle on Noggin with Kate. Actually, I wouldn't have to 'go' anywhere, because we're both curled up in the recliner as we speak. (Now if it was Yo Gabba Gabba I'd be hiding behind the couch sucking my thumb because that show completely freaks me out....about as much as Lady Gaga, but that's another post in itself.) Now where was I? Oh, there I was... It's 5:15 pm on Friday and she came to me 5 minutes ago already wanting to put on her pj's. Now there's a girl after my own heart. Come 5 o'clock Friday, this lil' mama is ready for her pj's, too! But mine aren't nearly as cute as hers. Come to think of it, I've slept in the same old tank top for four out of five days this week. And the only reason I gave it a rest is because it started getting stretched out around the arm holes and let's face it, that look doesn't flatter anyone. It's all very sexy. Pshhh. Poor M to the Izz-A.
Note to self: Dadgum it Hollie, work on your sleep attire for goodness sake.

And for those of you that don't see Kate on a regular basis, I really think you're gonna be amazed at how much she's grown. I know, I know, it's only been two or three weeks, but I think she hit a growth spurt of sorts. But for those of you who are friends with me on Facebook, this post will be pretty anti-climactic for you, because I posted these on there a couple of days ago.
See for yourselves...
I told her that we were going to the store and I turned around to wash my hands and grab a Diet Coke and heard, "My Ready!" She had dressed herself, complete with super-hard plastic heels and her flower purse. The best part, I let her wear it. I pick my battles. You could hear her coming down the produce aisle from miles away.

Dancin' in her new kicks. That's my girl.
Hope you all have a great weekend.
Ahh, this felt good, to finally muster up a post.
One monkey off my back.
Now what about the ones in my head?!

Monday, August 3, 2009

To Gladiate or Not to Gladiate: That is the Question

My younger sister and her family, along with my parents, came down from South Carolina to visit last weekend. We all spent the majority of the time together and had a blast.

Although I love all of my family members dearly, one of my most favorite things to do in the whole entire world is to spend time with my two sisters. When the three of us get together, it's a feeling I can't describe. It's laughter, it's love, it's honesty, it's realness. It's laughing so hard until your laugh lines are deeper than they've ever been. I feel like I'm at my best when I have the two of them around...if that makes any sense. They make me 'me'.

While down for the visit, my younger sis Ali (also lovingly referred to as Big Al) wanted to share with us her new pair of sandals. She called them part of her 'gladiator starter-kit' because they were kind of like the gladiator-style sandals that are all the rage right now, but without all of the crazy straps. Sal Gal and I both agreed that gladiator sandals are somewhat tricky to just jump right into, unless you've really got the in-your-face style confidence of say...Sienna Miller. She told us that they were her 'gladiator training wheels' and that if she does well with them, she may just move on into the real deals. I, too, own a pair of sandals that could definitely be referred to as my very own pair of gladiator training wheels, because I didn't think I could pull off the full-fledged gladiators. Have any of you just embraced this style and jumped right on in, minus the starter-kit? Do you like them? Granted, summer is on it's way out, so I may never fully get in to a pair of them ,but I don't feel too terribly sad about it. I know many of you may have bought yourself a pair, but how many of you actually wore them....more than once? Just curious...

Here's a few pics of one of our dinner dates from last weekend. My mom and dad kept the kids while we went out. Thank you Mom and Dad!!

Sal Gal and Chad

M to the Izz-A and me

Ali and James

Oh look, we're in the order of our ages... (sorry Sal Gal!!)

The fellas

Today is M to the Izz-A's birthday. Happy Birthday Matt!! (Would someone please do me a favor and tell him that I wrote that on here, I don't think he actually ever reads this thing! Sometimes I just like to pretend he does.) We had a wonderfully romantic night of eating dinner at Pizza Hut with Kate and buying groceries for the next month at Sam's. Ahhhh, the good life.
Listen, I started back to work today, so I am barely getting this post out. My summer is officially over and I'm in mourning.
More pics of our family weekend to come...