Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by Caroline (whose blog is so cute I could sop it up with a biscuit) so that means I've got to list six quirks about myself. Oh this could get ugly.

1. Seatbelt alert - When I'm driving down the road and the seatbelt alert goes "DING!" and the console lights up with the words "Buckle Seatbelt", I say out loud: "Don't tell me what to do". This may or may not have anything to do with being the middle child.

2. Cheese puffs - love them but prefer for them to be a little stale. I like the chewy texture!

3. Sheets - Addicted to clean smelling bed sheets. When everyone else in my childbirth class (yes, I'm a dork and went to it) was naming tropical destinations as their "happy place", I was yelling "dryer sheets"!

4. Snacking at the store - When I go grocery shopping I like to go ahead and get one of the items on my list (and sometimes not on my list), open it, and snack on it while I grocery shop. Then I give the cashier the empty box to ring up at the end. ;-)

5. Milk - I like it but will only drink it if it came from my house, from my fridge. I don't like to drink it at restaurants. I also will share most any type of drink with my family members except for milk! Don't even try it!

6. Justin Timberlake - amen, and amen

Now, I'm gonna tag the following peeps: Amy, K-Bo, Lianna, and Kristy. I have no idea how many people I was supposed to tag, but there ya go ladies!

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MiMi said...


I popped over from Caroline's blog. My husband and I are both originally from GA -living in NC now. My husband has something in common with your husband -- his "neck is a little on the red side" too!

I have also been known to snack on something while grocery shopping and then pay for the empty package at the checkout!