Monday, June 28, 2010

It's a Wonder I Have Any Photos At All

My camera has nine lives.

Well, maybe not nine, but I know it has at least two. And it's on its second for sure.

I left the poor thing out in the rain on Saturday and I thought without a doubt that I needed to go ahead and pick out the pearls it was going to wear for its memorial service. But just when I considered it good as gone, it surprised me and made it through.

On Saturday my parents, two sisters, and their families came over for a little swimming and grilling. After they all left, we brought everything inside...or so we thought. My camera, which was thankfully still in its case, was left outside on the bench. Shortly after we came in, the storm of all storms decided to roll in - we're talking lightening, crazy wind, torrential downpour and even hail.

After the storm passed, I realized the camera was left outside and M to the Izz-A ran after it. I really thought that this blog o' mine was going to have to take somewhat of an artistic turn - no more photos, just beautifully drawn sketches of my family's happenings. Beautiful drawn sketches meaning something involving crayons and stick figures, similar to that often seen in your finer art museums preschools. Thankfully it didn't resort to that.

Yeah, that's Mountain Dew you see there on the dock - It's the champagne of the south, ya know.

This girl played so hard that she fell asleep early holding Braelyn, one of the twin girls of our friends, Kristi and Chad.

Sunday was our baby dedication service at church. Hamp was one of the six babies in our church that were born over the past five months; however, he is the only boy! Look out ladies!
It was a beautiful service. We're so thankful to have a pastor and church family that's dedicated to praying for our children and helping us raise them in the way of the Lord.

After church and lunch, Kate and her cousins hit up the ice cream truck.

And after hearing how much the prices of ice cream (off of an easily questionable ice cream truck) have gone up since I was a child, I have no doubt that we, in one stop, paid off that lady's mortgage.
For her second home in Bora Bora.

Meanwhile Hamp enjoyed some one on one time with Aunt Ali.

And let's try a pic without the ol' paci, shall we?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

How we do it

I watched the movie "Definitely, maybe" a couple nights ago and I think I loved it. Sadly, I have to wait for movies to make it to the dadblame Oxygen Channel before I see them. I very rarely make it out to see movies when they're actually in a theater. And I say I think I loved it because I can't really be sure since I only heard every other word of it due to all of the rain. Not real rain, but my dang Sleepmaker rain app on my phone. We've been using it to help Hamp sleep and it's been working like a charm, so I can't complain. Plus, I can sacrifice my movie watching for the sleep of my child because really, it's not like they won't be playing that thing on repeat for the next month or so anyway.

Now excuse me while I drop the kids off at the end of the driveway (also known as Granny T's house) and head out for a fun little escapade (also known as grocery shopping) with all my girlfriends (also known as the grocery checkout girls).

But before I go...

Look who turned 1 month old this week!

The teacher in me just has to put those dots on the tips of all the letters. I know, I'm sorry.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

On Saturday M to the Izz-A's mom and granny came over to visit. This was Granny Mac's first meeting with Hamp. There was no shortage of hugging and cheek pinchin' that's for sure. Kate and Hamp both enjoyed being center of attention for the afternoon.

Matt's mom made us a delicious lunch, which we devoured in no time flat. Good ol' Mary came prepared with all the groceries she needed to make the meal and just made herself at home in the kitchen. Boy were we thankful. She sure knows the way to our hearts.
Through our bellies, of course.
All that sugar stealin' wore Hamp out...

And for Father's Day I invited my parents and grandma over for dinner.

I love this fella...

He inspires me in ways he doesn't even realize. From childhood to adulthood, he's always been one of my heroes, showing me right from wrong, teaching me not just through words but through his actions.
Thank you, Daddy, for being the man you are and always have been. I love you so much.

I just love how completely kicked back and relaxed Hamp looks in this picture. But more than that, I love how my grandma is well into her 80's and still paints her fingernails bright red.

For Father's Day Kate worked extra hard on her present for Daddy.

We're pretty fond of M to the Izz-A around here. He's got his own fan club. Talk about an amazing daddy - I couldn't have asked for a better father for my children.
Heck, he's not even scared to do a little role reversal 'er now and then -- cooking, cleaning, and diaper duty...

...even if he does have his own special technique.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It was a royal celebration - Princess Party at the Park

A few weeks ago we had Kate's 3rd birthday party at our local park. It turned out to be the perfect day! Perfect as in the weather was beautiful, the kids had plenty of room to play, and there was virtually no clean-up for the then 9-month pregnant mama.

The princess cake was made by my friend, Tara. Kate absolutely loved it. Remember, she'd been asking for a princess cake since January!

Granny and Paw T

Daddy's girl

The highlight of the party was the pinata. Kate wanted to skip opening gifts and go straight to swinging the pinata stick.
All of the party guests seem to love it just as much as she did, as their faces clearly show. Apparently contorting your face and mouth in a variety of ways helps...

Big Al and Sal Gal

cousin Kennedy

more cousins - J.P., Chas, and Lillie

Kate, you've made the past three years more special than we could have ever imagined. Thank you for filling our lives with love and laughter, and our home with toys and blue marker stained couches. We love you!