Friday, August 29, 2008

Long Weekend = Big Smile on My Face!

Thank goodness it's Friday. This week seemed to drag along but I'm hoping the long weekend will make up for it, thanks to good ol' Labor Day! I'm gonna try my best to do everything BUT labor, mmmmkay?!

Tomorrow afternoon we'll be going to a birthday party. My cousin's daughter, Lydia, is turning one. Kate loves social events. She's a people person I tell ya, which I think is a nice way to say that she's nosey as all get out! And anywhere there's food, count me in! And Matt, well...he usually doesn't get a choice. I'm just kiddin', he loves going to these little family events because you know the boy can talk someone's ear off!

After the party, I will be planting myself down and watching some GATOR FOOTBALL! Oh yeah baby it's that time again! "TEBOW...The return of the machine!" Matt doesn't really like to watch Gator games with me. He says I get WAY too into them and that I take it too seriously. Is there such a thing?

From our paper last Sunday (you know I saved it!)

No caption necessary.

Okay, maybe just one:

Mack DA-DDY!

......................................................................................ooops, sorry, doing a little college days reminiscing....................okay, back to the real world.

On a random note, I came home the other night from a meeting at work and saw this.

Matt a.k.a Practical Pete. Resourceful, yet tacky wouldn't ya say? But then I glance down and see the title of the bottom book, "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff". Okay, I'm good. At least those books are getting used for something!

Also while I was away, Abbi (my sis-in-law) dropped off this adorable little travel bag for Kate. I love it! Now, I've heard of planning an outfit around a pair of shoes, but what about planning a trip around a bag? Is that just wrong?! This bag just makes me wanna go somewhere!

I'm thinking that this will be a fun weekend. Sunday, of course, is my grocery day and you know I'll be saving some money, which I'll HAVE to post about. (Dorky pic of me may or may not be included this go around.) ;-) My friend Kerri will soon be joining us, just as soon as she gets a couple weeks of coupons saved up. Any trip involving her is always a hoot!

Oh, and check out my blog roll. I added some new blogs that I love!
Happy long weekend, ya'll!


Jennifer said...

super cute bag! all little girls need their own traveling bag!

ps- if i lived closer i'd be happy to help you with your fridge! :)

Carolyn said...

Hey Hollie! Thanks for the comment, I look forward to reading your blog too! The entry I liked best was the savings you did at the stores!! How in THE HECK!
Happy labor day weekend!

Kristy said...

That bag is precious! I see no harm in planning a trip around it!

Was the book/prop up purposly Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, because he didn't want you to sweat it looking tacky? That was so funny.
Have fun doing no labor! ;-)

MiMi said...

What a precious travel bag and I'm with you -- that calls for a trip somewhere! Every girl needs a fancy bag!
Have a great and restful weekend!

KBO Boatright said...

I just signed up for the grocery game...I couldn't resist. I will get with yall in two weeks...Go ahead and clean out your back seat because I will be with yall...

Lauren said...

Oh my GOSH! I LOVE that bag! Yes, it SO calls for a great overnight trip! Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the comment - I'm still waiting for a reply from her but I'm not giving up! I know this is something that's out of my hands but that also it's the right thing. So, we shall see... Again, thanks!

Also, love the bag!

The Libby's said...

Ok so I had to sign up for the grocery game! I will put that you referred me, but I need your email. You can send it to me at

I am excited about saving some money!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just had to say GO GATORS!! I'm lovin' Tebow too. He is just awesome!
And very cute bag. No way is it wrong to plan a trip around a great travel bag. :)