Monday, August 11, 2008

For the love of all things funny...and random

As you know, I love sarcasm. I've been known to find humor in the most totally inappropriate challenging situations. Growing up in a household with two other sisters, I have a lot of memories of laying around on our big, brown tweedish-type sectional viciously attacking playfully making fun of each other.

As we've gotten older, my sisters and I have become tolerable of one another the best of friends. All three of us have the same sense of humor and when we're together we end up playing off each other's comments until we're crying in laughter. Granted, some of the things we laugh about are just plain weird. We've never claimed to be normal.

Well, one of my favorite chick lit authors, Jennifer Weiner, posted a blog about her recent triathlon experience and I thought it was pretty funny. I think this gal could be the fourth sister.

And on a different yet possibly even funnier note, Sal Gal showed me this video clip on youtube the other day and it not only had me laughing out loud, it gave me some major flashbacks of when I taught school in Brooklyn. I swear Bon Qui-Qui could have been one of my students. Too funny! Check it out!

**Edited to include: So, I finally found the strikethrough html code as I'm sure you can tell and Matt so graciously pointed out that I may have slightly overused it on this post.
Me: See, I found that font code I was looking for.
Matt: So you used it five times?!
Me: No! three....

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KBO Boatright said...

Hillary-ous! "Sec-URIY". Love it...I know a few Qui Qui's...