Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And you thought they were called sheets...

Hmm, let's see if I even remember how to blog...

Kate has done wonderfully without her paci. In fact, she's moving right along in several areas. She'll be making a transition from her crib to a big girl bed coming soon. Tonight I went and picked up her bedding and now we just need a mattress. I know, I'm pretty sure I should have purchased a mattress before the bedding. But, that's no fun. Speaking of bedding, is M to the Izz-A the only person that calls bedding (sheets, comforter, etc) "bed clothes"? Yeah, that's what I thought. I tried putting into words how incredibly weird that sounds, but he just looked at me in his cute, southern boy confusion.

Hamp is growing and so am I. I can't wait to post my 6 month belly pic next week. You won't believe how my bump, my lovely lady bump, has grown. This pregnancy is speeding by and his room is currently still our officeguestroomthroweverythingweowninthere room. There's still plenty of time, I just remember having everything done by now when I was pregnant with Kate. The second time around is obviously a little different. I'm excited to set up his nursery and am really loving picking out all this boy stuff. And while we're talking about my lil' man, some of you wanted to know how we decided on his name, Hamp Aaron. It's pretty simple. Hamp is a name that we loved for its super-boyish, southern charm and Aaron is M to the Izz-A's middle name. Not to mention it goes well with Kate. So, there you have it. Nothing too deep. We're pretty simple folks, ya know.

Last weekend we took Kate to the circus. She really seemed to enjoy herself and particularly loved the elephants and trampoline stunts. I was a bit thrown off however, by one of the "sideshows", as they like to call them. The one I'm referring to had a lady harnessed to a rope with nothing but her ponytailed hair. She kept swinging back and forth over the audience. Mmkay, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that that easily beats M to the Izz-A out with his "bed clothes" term on the weirdness scale. Heck, I mise well join the circus and swing by my navel, which has taken it upon itself to go ahead and pop on out way earlier than last time.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Then I got all emotional and stuff

Big things people, big things:

Operation Paci Be Gone was a success! Kate has not had a paci since Thursday night.

We are so proud of her. She really amazes me. She didn't make it as hard on us as I thought she would. Thanks Kate!

But at the same time of feeling so proud (and relieved), I just got all emotional and teary-eyed uploading this next picture, because I realize it's the last one like this she'll ever take:

Dec. 2009
I'm blaming the fact that actually shed a tear or two while typing this post completely on my pregnancy hormones.
I blame a lot of things on my hormones lately.
Like the dream I had last night where Zac Efron noticed that I needed to shave my legs as we were leaving church.
Have I ever even thought twice about Zac Efron? Absolutely not. I prefer a manly man (and one that looks like he's old enough to drive), like say....M to the Izz-A?
Does Zac Efron even attend my church? Absolutely not.
Do I really need to shave my legs? Absolutely.
Again, with the hormones.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Operation Paci Be Gone

Edited to include:
I wrote this post Thursday night but didn't publish it because I got distracted by Kate, wailing at the top of her lungs. I thought she was asleep. Apparently not. Anyway, I got super flustered and kinda just wanted to crawl into a hole and suck my thumb.

Well, tonight I got a wild hair and cut a hole in the bottom of one of Kate's pacifiers, hid the others (because I was too scared of the permanence of actually throwing them away), and prayed for the best.

I got so nervous, the story I told her didn't even really make any sense. I let her find the one with the hole in it sitting on the table. Then she put it in her mouth and told me it was broken and that she wanted another one, all the while crying. I told her that the Paci Fairy came and took all of her pacifiers and all that was left is the one with the hole in it. I told her that the Paci Fairy took the rest of the paci's to the new little babies that were being born and since the only one left has a hole in it, we should just throw it away. She didn't find that to be one of my best ideas and decided to try her darndest to make it work. Even though she couldn't quite get the suction she was looking for, she kept it in her mouth. Then she asked if we could leave the fairy some cookies. I quickly agreed and set out two Oreos on a princess-shaped plate. I kept trying to add to my story, trying helplessly to make it make more sense, but since I was doing it all on the fly, everything I said seemed to confuse her (and myself) more. Why would the Paci Fairy be coming back to our house if she supposedly already collected all but one broken paci? I have no idea. But thank goodness she never questioned me.

She just kept chewing on the broken pacifier and every few minutes or so she asked for a new one. After she had her initial good cry, it didn't even really phase her. I think she was just happy to have one left, broken or not. I'm thinking that the closer we get to bedtime the worse it may get. Edited to include: Hmmm, as we see, my thinking on this was right.

I realize it's time for her to give up the paci. It's been a monkey on my back for a while. I'd like to have her paci-free by the time Hamp arrives and I thought now would be a great time to give it a try. She has always been super attached to her paci and if I'm honest with myself, I think she's becoming more attached. Not a good thing. Shouldn't it be the opposite? I just assumed getting older = less attached? Not the case with her. And dadgum it, if I'm honest with myself again, I'd also say it comes down to me just being a bit weak. Ouch.

Here goes nothin'!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Monday, January 4, 2010

And if having your raisins aligned is just as lucky as stars, then my 2010's lookin' bright

Kate was under the weather for several days last week, but thankfully she's feeling better. Her fever spiked at 105 on Wednesday and that sent us for a scare, only to find out it was just a virus and we had to 'let it run its course'. You know the drill. Drink plenty of fluids. As much as I hate hearing that, because it leaves me with a helpless feeling, most of the time it's true. And she did end up feeling better within a few days.

She felt much better on Saturday, so we took her to Chuck E. Cheese. Because that's the natural cycle of an illness, right? You get sick, you get better, and then you go to Chuck E. Cheese? I could tell she was still a little tired from being sick last week - after playing for a couple hours, she fell asleep as we were driving out of the parking lot.

Holding her lips like that while driving clearly shows she means business. I do it sometimes, too.

Kate fed M to the Izz-A lots and lots of cotton candy. He's obviously just as big of a fan of the lip pooch as we are.
And on the first day of 2010, I knew it was going be a good year day bowl of cereal when I saw this:

No need to go searchin' through my bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch for all of my raisins when in one spoonful I see that there they are, in all their plumpness, stuck together just for me. Is that a sign or is that a sign? Actually, it's not a sign - it's just a big bite of goodness, that's what it is. How odd does that make me for taking a picture of it?
And yes, that's a paper Dixie bowl you are seeing. Because what if I already knew that I wasn't going to feel like washing a cereal bowl later?

Sometimes A lot of times I do that.
So there.
I just tagged myself for being an oddball and a little bit of a Lazy Lucy at times, all in one post.
How's that for a productive start to the new year?