Tuesday, September 30, 2008

No rhyme or reason

Because there isn't going to be a lick of cohesiveness to this post, I'm resorting to bullets.

  • Last Saturday Kate and I went shopping with my sis-in-law, Abbi, and my niece, Kennedy. We took advantage of the fact that it was just us girls and ate lunch at Panera. The men in our lives do not heart Panera.

Abbi and Kennedy

Kate - showing us her tomato. Always a lady.

  • Saturday night I went out with my friends Kerri and Jessica. Kerri had some birthday money "burning a hole in her pocket" so we had to help her out. We went to dinner and did some shopping. I would have taken a picture of the three of us but when I busted out my camera, I got laughed at hard core! Not because I wanted a picture, but because I was going to use my mini-camcorder to get it! I never realized how dorky I looked using such a big ol' camera for my still shots. Even when I don't have Kate out with me, I'm still constantly reminded that I am indeed a mama. Seriously, I really didn't think twice about toting my video camera in my diaperbag-sized purse! I just got so tired of always carrying around two cameras (one for video and one for photos) that I resorted to the not so great photos that the camcorder produced. Besides, THIS is on my Christmas list. And it'll probably be on it next year too, and the year after that. It'll become a perma-item on my Christmas list for years to come, I'm sure. A girl can dream big can't she?

Kate - after church on Sunday. We ate lunch at my Aunt Ann's. Can you say yummy?

  • Thanks a million for all of the great perfume suggestions! I can't wait to go and give them all a smell. I'll let you know which one I choose. They all sound delicious!


Rachel said...

Love that dress on Kate!!!

Mamarazzi said...

that little black and white dress is to die for...seriously cute!

Lianna Knight said...

Are you SURE Abbi is your sister in law??? She looks like she could be your SISTER!!!

Kristen said...

That little Kate is precious in her church attire! What a cutie!

Amanda-The Family News! said...

That kate is TOO cute!! and i am right there with you on the new camera...Avery broke mine and before I went in to a mental crisis because I was camera-less, my mother let me borrow hers until we get a new one!

Kristy said...

Kate is so cute!! I swear that she reminds me of Kinley... Keira would (and still) keeps a bow in her hair, but not Kin!!