Sunday, September 28, 2008

Edition 6: Sunday Savings

We started a little something different today and changed the list of our usual stores. We decided to give up Publix and Walgreens and added CVS and Rite-Aid in their places for traveling distance purposes. We kept Winn-Dixie because it is the closest 'grocery' store. Besides, Publix and W/D usually have a lot of the same items on their lists and Sal Gal and I decided that we really didn't like giving up our entire Sunday afternoon for the love of savings.

Today was a great day in Savingsville because I actually saved more than I spent at W/D. I saved $52.75 and only spent $41.92. LOVE IT!

Now, we had planned on hitting up Rite-Aid after church tonight but Sal Gal accidentally left Mr. Jones at home and we didn't have time to run back and get it before they closed. She blew it.
Next weekend we'll try to make it to all three stores and I'm hoping the CVS and Rite-Aid change out will prove to be worth it.


Kristy said...

You make me so jealous with your savings! My hickville only offers Wal-Mart and one other grocery store that is usually outrageous with it's pricing.
The Mr Jones thing cracks me up! Did you remember Ronni? Did salgal continue breaking the 10th?

sal gal said...

kristy- i would encourage you to at least try the high priced store. the savings you get with the game may make it worth it. when i first started i was reluctant to add a certain store because their prices were so high. i added it anyway and saw that i saved more, even with the regular prices being higher than average. hope that makes sense.

and yes, hollie DID remember ronni and yes, i broke the 10th all day long. feel sorry for me.