Tuesday, September 16, 2008

As promised...

...Behind the Scenes: Getting up close and personal with the heel click.

Many of you have commented on my heel clicks and may even assume that they are easy to come by. You're probably thinking that they just happen on the first try, on demand.

Come, come my dear friends, gather 'round. You've been led astray. The heel click is an art form that takes several attempts to get it just right and...camera ready, if you will.

Take for instance the first documented heel click. It took several tries, along with perfect timing on the photographer's (Sal Gal) part, to snap the best one.

Check out the first futile attempts.

Attempt 1:

Here you see that Sal Gal got a little over anxious. Give me a chance to get warmed up would ya?!

Attempt 2:

Oooo, almost. But again, a little trigger happy.

Attempt 3:

Close, but not quite.

Attempt 4:
At this point, Sal Gal is laughing sooooo hard that she basically started snottin' everywhere. I think she may have even had those little sweat beads above her top lip.

Okay, one more try.

Attempt 5:

Bam! Got it!

Now last Sunday was a little different as you may have noticed. On this particular day, Sal Gal was feeling a little athletic. Oh who am I kidding? Sal Gal has NEVER felt athletic a day in her life. Let's just say she was feeling a bit adventurous and decided she wanted to attempt the infamous stunt.

Getting two heel clicks to occur simultaneously definitely demands some major skills. But again, it took several attempts. Take a look.

Attempt 1:
Eww, we were WAY off. I'm not even sure that Sal Gal got vertical on this one.

Attempt 2:
In this one I'm picking up the entire bag of Rolos that managed to spill mid jump. Rolos were this week's mid-game snack of choice. Yea thanks, just stand there laughing and watch me pick them up, nah, I don't need your help.

Attempt 3:
Okay chick, I think you're enjoying this a little TOO much.

Attempt 4:
Here Sal Gal has just slapped me because she decided she would count for us (to keep us in unison). I chose not to follow, therefore she got physical. Control freak.

Attempt 5:
Check out the look of sheer determination on Sal Gals face!
Disclaimer: My shoes are NOT white, they are indeed silver. The fact that I'm from the south + somewhat traditional = I still follow the no white after Labor Day rule!

Even though we finally got it, we may or may not have forever traumatized some local boy scouts who were selling bags of popcorn by the door. They'll forever remember the day at Winn-Dixie when those weird ladies were doing strange looking air calisthenics in the parking lot. Their future girlfriends will NEVER be able to live up to this! Haha!

So there you have it my friends, the heel click in a nutshell novel-length post.

Don't be afraid to give it a try. You may surprise yourself!


Lauren said...

That is great... What FUN!!!

Rachel said...

Hilarious!! I am impressed!!

The Libby's said...

You are crazy....too funny!

Jennifer said...

very cute! i love your dress and your silver shoes. :)

Lane said...

You are just too fun girl!! I would have so much fun hanging out with you! Very impressed!

Thank you for thinking and praying for us right now. You are the best! It really means so much. God provides and he has provided through our friends. I am so glad that I have "met" you!

sal gal said...

re: attempt 5
i love how you are just casually looking at the camera, smiling with your legs perfectly in heel-click position.
and there i am with what you call the look of 'sheer determination', my legs barely in heel click position.
i call that look on my face the 'i'm NOT gonna let my little sis one-up me on the heel click, dadgumit!' look.

i've been athletic before right?

Anonymous said...

That's great... I don't know if I could do the heel click... might have to try it while no one is looking! :)

Kristy said...

Oh my gracious... I was cracking up the entire time. Can I please just ask if the crossing out of the word nutshell was because of my random post?
Oh and HOW do you cross things out? You'll be my favorite if you hook me up with that information. =)

Darrin said...

HA! How fun! I need to do more stuff like this!!

Carolyn said...

What a fun post, I love the sequenced pictures. You're SO pretty!

Jenn said...

This was hilarious!!! Now that I know you weren't a natural born heel clicker, perhaps I too can give it a try!! Loved all the funny pics!

morewineplease said...

You have got to be the funniest fun person ever!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am veru happy to find you!! I have some catching up to do apparently!!!!!!!

Bridget said...

haha! Love it. I wish my shopping trips were this fun...guess I should go without all the kids huh?

Jaime said...

HAHAHAHA!!! I thought I was the only one who done these!! Dean is constantly telling me how retarded I am.... Looks like you guys had a blast with the pics :)

Anonymous said...