Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New treat, New trick

Tonight at church Kate had her first run-in experience with having an ice cream cone all to herself. Of course, she's had ice cream before but only in a bowl with someone feeding it to her. I realize that makes me sound a little OCD, or too tightly wound, but to be honest I've just never thought of giving her one until now. Well, let me just say that she went to town on that thing! I've never seen her sit so still at the dinner table.

The cone, for some reason, was green in color. I think there were all different colors, but we ended up with green. That green cone was obviously a pretty big fan of itself, because it decided to make a second appearance later on in the night. I had nursery duty, or actually we (Matt and I) had nursery duty together but Matt so conveniently got called out for a power outage. Suurrre.

While in the nursery I saw Kate crouched down running her fingers back and forth into something green on the floor. I couldn't figure out was it was but I grabbed her up quickly, thinking of all the germ-filled possibilities that it could be. I bent down to get a closer look at the green stuff and did what any normal person would do when they saw something that looked disgusting but was unidentifiable....I stuck my finger in it and smelled it. Who have I become?! Does this mean that I'll also give my thumb a big lick and rub it across my child's face for a good cleaning? Absolutely. Well, I instantly knew at that point that Kate had maybe eaten a little more than she should have and spit up a little. It didn't bother her though, the ice cream was worth it! Of course I didn't have my camera with me at church, although I wished I did, because she had ice cream EVERYWHERE and was cheesing the whole time. I did however, snap a pic of the aftermath.

Anyone wanna take a big fat guess what flavor she had? Yep, chocolate. Fortunately I had another outfit in her bag so that she didn't have to sport the neglected child look for the rest of the night.

And as the title of this post suggests, Kate has indeed learned a new trick of sorts. Wanna know what it is?

Guess that's what I get for letting her hang out with Daddy.

Emily Post would be so proud.


Jennifer said...

looks like fun! time to bring our the well-loved stain spray! :)

The Catons said...

oh girl..."boot-gers" as Kade calls them our our favorite thing to talk about..."You have bootgers Momma? You want me get them? I do it, Mommaa"...yeah..good times, good times!!!

Rebecca Taylor said...

She it SO cute!!!!

The Brown Family said...

Love it! :)

Kristy said...

It's crazy what we do when we become moms. Jeremiah FREAKED the other day when I used the mom polish on Kinley. =)

It's funny when kids discover their nostrils. I wish my 5th graders would un-discover them, cause that is not so funny. =)

Rachel said...

Ice cream cones are the best snacks!!! Cute pictures....unfortunately that trick does not get any better =)