Saturday, September 20, 2008

Welcome Sarah Gail!

The past few days have been super busy. Thursday night Kate stayed with Granny T while Matt and I went to the hospital to visit my cousin Ben (although he's always been more like a brother slash best friend to me) and his wife, Kristin's, brand new baby girl, Sarah Gail. She is such a cutie and looks just like her older sis, Anna.

She is just perfect! I loved being able to just sit and enjoy holding her, without all of the post-partum emotions that come along with having your own baby. We had a great time sitting around that little hospital room talking and of course, laughing. Anytime Ben and I get together, our family always says something like, "Oh my word, Ben and Hollie together?...Here we go....". At one point, without Ben knowing, I took a close-up photo of his big toe. What? He had on flip-flops. His toe was BEGGING for me to take a pic! It was THE definition of why the pumice stone was invented. The best part (and this shows just how Ben is) is that when I showed it to him on the screen of my camera, he started dying laughing and said, "Email it to me. Email it! I wanna put it on my MySpace!"

I'm gonna email it to him but decided it was against my better judgement to post it. See, I'm showing a LITTE restraint.

Hopefully they'll be coming home today.

Welcome to the world Sarah Gail!


Kristy said...

Precious, precious, precious! I love new babies!!
I've been wondering where you've been the last couple days, so you're forgiven since you've been busy. =)
Have a good weekend, girl!! Do your Gators play today? I am expecting a loss for my Hogs. =(

TheVanzants said...

She does look like Anna - she is PRECIOUS!!

It's me Suzette! said...

Soooooo precious!