Monday, September 8, 2008

Excuse me...

...while I brush the dust from my keyboard. I know, it's only been about 3 days since my last post, but for me it feels like forever ago. I love to post everyday and usually do, but you should probably thank me for not posting as I've had a little unwelcome visitor. Some call her Aunt Dot, or Aunt Flow, but I like to lovingly refer to her as Aunt Swearword. So take my word for it, you wouldn't have liked what I had to say; therefore, I refrained. You're welcome.

More than that, the major reason I've taken a few days off is because Kate has been sick most of the weekend with a fever, cold, and sore throat. You might say that I lack multi-tasking skills (and I'd probably snap right back at you're right), but when she is sick, that's all I can think about. Thankfully my little love is feeling much better.

So, here I am. Back and ready to share some totally unrelated thoughts. I've been thinking about the upcoming election. Now, I'm not wanting to get too political here, so I'll talk some superficial-ness for ya, how's that? At first, every time I saw Sarah Palin on T.V. I kept thinking that she looked so familiar to me. And then I figured it out. She looks a lot like Tina Fey and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (both pretty women in my opinion). Almost like she could be their love child, if you will. IF that were not anatomically or physiologically impossible. Alright I know, I went there and shouldn't have, but look.

Tah-dah. Told ya.

But again, I'm not going to use my blog as a political forum.

I'm a BIG fan of Sarah Palin. I think she's awesome. (Oh look at you, aren't you observant.)

Now, on to fashion... The 80's seem to be making a comeback, which I am totally okay with because you know I rocked some hardcore fashion trends back then. I would even be okay with bringing back big hair, but only IN MODERATION (minus fly backs, of course). Here's why:

Oh yes I did.

Now that is just wrong. Why did my mom let me leave the house looking like this? And why did I think that the big horizontal part in the front of my head separating the top wave from the bottom wave looked good? The wind blew, my hair did not. And the flybacks? No comment. Forget Darwin, I think I should be receiving credit for the Big Bang Theory. I was robbed. On a side note, it is painfully obvious that this pic was taken before I had braces. Let us please take a moment of silence for Dr. Geiger, my beloved orthodontist, who helped me out in the worse way, even if his breath did smell like he sucked on a garlic clove prior to every one of my appointments.

But what I WILL NOT be totally okay with is bringing back the stirrup pants. Yea, you know the ones. Basically they were like leggings but with, well.....stirrups on the bottom. Actually, I didn't really have a problem with them, it was the soles of my feet that took the beating. Me, being the tall chick that I am, smiled through the pain of those things. By the time I made it home from a day of wearing that lovely fashion trend, the bottom of my feet had permanent dents in them from where the stirrups were pulled so tight trying to make it from the bottom of the pant to the bottom of my feet. Stirrup pants were not friends of long-legged girls.

Okay maybe one more. The last 80's trend that can stay behind is shoulder pads. I'm not looking to appear as though I'm an NFL quarterback anytime soon. (Unless I'm getting their salary along with it.)

I could probably keep adding things to this post, but I should really call it a night. I will not, however, be watching T.V. because our cable just went out. Perks of living out in the sticks I guess. But hey, I'll look on the bright side, at least I want have to wait for commercials to talk to Matt. ha!

Until tomorrow....

Edited to include: Oh, and no Sunday Savings this weekend as I was tending to my sick youngin! But next's on!


Amy (Metz) Walker said...

Ha! funny, I thought the same thing about Tina Fey! Didn't think of the other one, but definitely have to agree there also!

KBO Boatright said...

Funny post! I am glad Kate just had a cold. Hope she feels better soon!

Rebecca Taylor said...

I'm glad you're back!

sal gal said...

Oh! No! You! Didn't!
I remember so clearly you standing in front of the mirror with pick, hairspray and blowdryer in hand. On a mission for world's best flybacks. Always the overachiever.

Dr. Geiger + mouth treatments = instant nausea. But boyfriend DID help out some Page teeth.

I hate Aunt Flow!



Anonymous said...

Funny post. I hope your little one is better soon!

Carolyn said...

hahaha! I put a jacket on in my office yesterday because I was frozen solid...and after about an hour I noticed it had shoulderpads in it. I promptly removed it and designated it for emergencies only.
And I love Sarah Palin too!

Anonymous said...

I can't stand shoulder pads!!! But, funny story... I was in middle school-ish (maybe JR High) when they were in style, but I liked to use mine to enhance a lil something I was lacking up top!! Ha!! That was till my mom called me out on it!

Kristy said...

That is FUNNY! I hadn't really paid attention to the fact that she does look like a lesbian lovechild of them. You crack me up!

Kristy said...

OH YEAH... I won't be bringing stirrup pants back because I'm so flippin short they had to go up to my armpits! Those and the front porch bangs are some trends should remain in the past. ha ha

MiMi said...

I think Palin looks like Tina Fey, too--maybe mixed with a little Wonder Woman!
This was a funny post and I'm glad you're back! Hope Kate is feeling much better.