Thursday, April 21, 2011

And this will forever be known as the day that the kite and I became friends

You know how sometimes things seem more fun in concept, rather than actually doing them?  Kind of like the idea or thought of any one particular activity is the only fun thing about it, because once you get out there and are actually involved in the event you've been talking about, you realize the only fun was in the 'talking about it' part?

Some of my personal favorites that fall into this category are:

* highschool prom - The getting ready part was fun.  The actual prom?  NOTsomuch.

* painting your bedroom - What do you mean I have to move the furniture?  Can't we just paint around it?  We have to tape off what?  Can't we just get away with putting on one coat?

* bathing suit shopping - Do I need to explain this one?

* deciding it's worth the money to go out to eat at that nice restaurant with the whole family - Do I need to explain THIS one??

* making that cake you signed up to bring entirely from scratch (when you know darn good and well that box cakes are just as good!) - Listen, I sweat more when I bake than when I go for a run or workout.  Got me?

* flying a kite - Yes, flying a kite...looks fun, sounds fun, but in reality is REALLY difficult!

Can you believe flying a kite made my list?

Well friends, that is no longer the case.

Yesterday was the day - the day that I was successful at, yes, you guessed it, flying a kite...for the first time in my life, might I add.

People fly kites in movies.  People fly kites in books.   But Hollie has never successfully flown a kite in a movie, or a book, or real life.  I remember trying it over and over many times as a kid, to no avail.  Kite day at school?  Yikes.  Suddenly not feeling well.  Or maybe that was the year that something was wrong with my kite?

Crazy to think that a childhood pastime could be so much fun as an adult, when you actually do it correctly. 

The highly sought after instructor?  Well, none other than M-to-the-Izz-A, of course!  Jake of all trades, no?

So we took to the church parking lot, kites in hand, and got nuts with it.

cousin Anna

cousin Noah

"Come on, baby.  We can do this!"

Having the time of my life with a Disney Princess kite.

best kite-flyin' partner ever


First Baptist Church Hilliard said...

Saw you from the window! Looked likes lots of fun!

Kerri said...

totally agree-except I still can't do it by myself...

Anonymous said...

We attempted to fly kites every year...It was one of my favorite things to think about doing in spring with yall..We had a lot of nose dives but one year the kite took off....we were at the end of the excited.....about that time, the string broke and the kite went to heaven....I love the thought of flying kites like you,,,,,doing it is a different story sometime... We used to always have to put homemade tais on ours as a child..:-))

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