Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gettin' Sugary With It

Tonight the fam and I hosted our first annual Christmas cookie decorating party. I just added the 'first annual' part, because I'm hoping to make it a tradition. We invited our family and friends for an evening of cookies, icing, and sprinkles.

I think we even ended up with sprinkles between our toes.

Last night I used refrigerated sugar cookie dough and just cut out Christmas shapes using cookie-cutters. To my surprise, my local grocery store had enough dough for about 4 dozen cookies. I usually can't depend on Dirty Harvey's for anything. (Note: Actual store name = Harvey's. The store before it was Big J, but I lovingly referred to it as Dirty J. All they did was change the sign out front, the inside stayed the same = dirty. So....until they give me a Publix, Harris Teeter, or in my dream world - a Whole Foods Market, I'll just refer to them as Dirty _____.) Ah, but I digress, I really was happy that I didn't have to make 4 dozen homemade sugar cookies.
And actually, truth be told, M to the Izz-A and Kate baked most of them while I went on a late night Wal-mart run to gather up a few last minute items. He makes me looks good. He really does.
Everyone showed up with their favorite cookie toppings and we went to town!

The cookies turned out even better than I imagined! Not too shabby!

Now, as to whether you'd wanna eat them is another story. I think the toppings are made of equal parts sugar, icing, and saliva! The kids licked their fingers at they went along!

Last week Kate and I decided to bake Daddy some homemade chocolate chip cookies using a recipe my sister, Sal Gal, told me about: Carol's Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chippies. I'm a really big fan of refrigerated cookie dough, but the holidays always get me in the mood for baking homemade goodies (in small amounts). Plus, Kate loves to help out in the kitchen and I thought it'd give us something to do other than stare at Wow, Wow Wuzzby on the T.V. The cookies were pretty simple to make and I have to tell ya, they must be fool proof, because Kate poured some extra baking soda into the dough and they still turned out. I mean really, how can a little extra baking soda harm a mound of sugary, chocolatey, cavity-inducing goodness? The answer is: it simple cannot.

M to the Izz-A is still working hard in our laundry room remodel. He's almost finished! Update with pics to follow as soon as it's complete...

Besides baking, I also think the holidays are a great time for crafts. However, when you child is only two, you've gotta think simple. Wait. Make that extra simple.

We've been doing a few crafts together in the evenings after dinner and so far have managed to make our house look pretty festive!

Our first craft was simply making a wreath out of her hand prints. They won't be that little forever....

Next, we wanted to get a little messier with the glue. The only thing this 'craft' (so simple it may not merit being called a craft) involves is tearing up all colors of construction paper and letting your little one glue them onto a Christmas tree...anywhere, no pattern, no rhyme or reason. It ends up so colorful. This was Kate's favorite activity so far. Add glue to the equation and you're sure to get a smile.

And last we made a snowflake using gumdrops and toothpicks. This one is always a hit because you can eat as you go along!

Now that I've crammed way too much into this post, I'm off to bed. I only have three days left and then I'm off work for the holidays...until January to be exact!
I told M to the Izz-A to remind me to have him take a pic of this belly I'm developing. He's now snoring in bed, and I have no picture. I'm gonna try to get it tomorrow. I'm 4 1/2 months already! Time flies when you're having fun...and eating everything in sight!


Jenn said...

The cookies look so adorable!

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing because there is a lady in the first picture that is threatening to smack a kid! :)

Rebecca Jo said...

Sugary goodness... YUMMMMM

I wanna do cookies this weekend myself! Looks like this should definitely be a tradition!

I love Kate looking into the oven - that is precious!!!

Kasey said...

Thanks for having us over, we had a blast!

petrii said...

Oh what a sweet tradition!!! I love all the crafts your doing with sweet Kate, and you will treasure them your whole life. Trust me, my babe is 17 and I still have the little guy he made out of a dog biscuit (no kidding) and it still hangs on our tree. Now he says I'm a little OCD about how I store our CHRISTmas ornaments, I disagree, I'm just careful. How else would a dog biscuit last for well, let's see he was in the first grade and he is now a Junior (you can do the math =) a long time =)?

Okay so longest commenter ever is closing now.

Looking forward to seeing that baby boy belly =0)


Anonymous said...

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monogramgirl said...

I adore traditions...and sweet treats!greas

The Panke's said...

We're going to bake cookies too, Olivia LOVES helping in the kitchen...looks like ya'll had a good time:)

Kerri said...

Some cute crafts! Gonna steal that! Your house looked so great last...oh how I covet your laundry room...I mean I AM SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU! No really though-you will need it with the new little one...espeically since a boy PEES on everything FOREVER! Start buying oxy clean now...and A&D ointment!Love ya!