Thursday, December 17, 2009

All in a year's work

Sometimes life teaches you things when you're not looking. Here's a glimpse of what I've learned this year:

A two-year old really can have just the right words to make a bad day 100% better.

Investing in people is more important than investing in things.

Kate likes brussel sprouts and collard greens. Weird and awesome at the same time.

You can smell like a million bucks for free just by getting two or three free perfume samples every time you go by a Sephora and starting a collection.

Dryer sheets damage the heating coils in your dryer and make your dryer less efficient. Liquid softener is all you need. (Gain Original scent or Downy with the pink top smell the best.)

Sometimes your iPhone's autospell doesn't recognize southern slang.

Putting peppermint mocha creamer in your coffee in the mornings can help you pretend you're driving to the snow-covered ski slopes in Colorado instead of driving to work. It can also lead to your students commenting on your noticeable 'better mood.'

God wants you to pray BIG. Don't 'dumb down' or 'easy up' your prayers by only praying for things you know will probably happen anyway. Pray for the deepest desires of your heart, pray for the things you think are 'impossible' and sit back and watch God be God. He is Almighty and is in no way constrained by the ways of the this world.

It's completely okay not to be good at everything.

Watching So You Think You Can Dance can make you wish you would have stuck with Buddy Sherwood's School of Dance, even if you couldn't stick that back bend during your recital routine to Kenny Loggin's "Danger Zone"... even if you did visibly move your lips to count your dance steps. It can also make you want to be best friends with the host, Cat Deeley, so you can borrow her clothes.

You still get nervous about having a newborn your second time around.

Time spent with family may not always be perfect, but it's always memorable.

December 2009


J-Diggety said...

Oh girl, that one about prayer hit me HARD... thank you :)

Sherrie said...

I could totally relate to several of those.

petrii said...

Especially liked your prayer comment!! AMEN!!!

I have some BIG things before the LORD!!! PRAISE HIM!!

Thanks for this post, just what I needed on this Friday,

THE Stephanie said...

LOVE your comment on prayer! God had been teaching me the same thing right now - and I am so glad that God is big enough to accomplish the things in my life that seem to be insurmountable!

GirlB300 said...

Fantastic post! I may just copy cat you w/my own lessons learned!!

sweet tea in a pink glass said...

You always crack me up, great post.

Dawn said...

Great post!! Congratulations on having a boy. Can't wait to hear some names you have picked out. How exciting!!


tickledpink said...

Love your post especially the part about prayer! One thing I would like to throw in is just be careful with liquid softener. It can fade colors very fast, and cause some clothes to nub up if you dry them. For example, like if you threw in a men's polo it will start to get those little nubby balls. There are just some ingredients in liquid softener that are not good for clothes. Just wanted to share with you!

Lo said...

That is such a great post. I'm in on the peppermint mocha. Good to know on the dryer sheets. I love you comment on prayer. That is so true. Just when you think something is impossible, pray about it and wait to see what is amazing.

Kerri said...

I learned alot this year from reading your blog! Thanks friend!

The wife said...

Love your list!

I learned you will still be nervous when ypu bring your 3rd newborn home.

Amber Ellis said...

Your posts always make me smile!!

BTW, I know that you follow my old blog, and I wanted to give you my new address. It is Thanks so much! I would love it if you followed this one!!

La Dolce Vita said...

I'm totally going to remember that next time I'm in Sephora and thanks for the reminder to pray BIG! So true! Just wanted to comment since I found your blog a couple months ago and have enjoyed your witty and inspiring posts. I'm also a small town Southern girl so I can always relate. Wanted to say Congrats on the wonderful news of a baby boy and may you and your family have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Sandi from SC