Monday, June 22, 2009

That there's an RV

This past weekend was spent on the road - on a hunt. M to the Izz-A had us out looking for campers. Camper, RV, travel trailer, while they may very well be different in definition, they're all the same to me. They all equal something I've never done - camped. I like to think that I'm a pretty well-rounded gal, experienced many of the great experiences life has to offer, but with my milestone birthday approaching next month, I still have never been camping. Staying half the night in my playhouse as a kid doesn't really count. And I only made it half the night because I ran out of my Fudge Rounds. Because let's face it, if Little Debbie wasn't camping, Little Hollie wasn't either.

And because it was Father's Day weekend, along with the fact that I'm about half way through my Joyce Meyer's book (It's better than my evening primrose oil!), I felt like I could successfully handle being part of Matt's search committee.

Keep in mind that it was in the triple digits here in the dirty South and that made things extra sweaty. Also, Kate came along with us. 'Nuff said. Ever try to shop for anything with a two year old? She just wasn't sharing the camping passion.

I could tell that Matt really appreciated our willingness to participate because by the time I got myself ready and grabbed my purse and Kate's bag, he already had the car loaded with snacks, DVD's, and a mini-cooler of Diet Cokes to keep his ladies happy.

After two days of searching, we definitely became more knowledgeable and got a better idea of what exactly we are and are not looking for, but still came home camperless.

I have however changed my thinking on the subject. When I first thought about camping, I told Matt that while we're at it, I'm gonna go ahead and purchase myself a fanny pack and stop shaving my pits. What does that have to do with anything?! I have no idea, it's just the first thing I could think of. Originally, I couldn't care less if we bought one or not, but when I realized that it has the potential to take my Gator football game enjoyment to the next level, I was sold!

And oh yea, let's not forget the great vacation memories for the family...

...minus Cousin Eddie of course.


Kristy said...

Oh Heavens. That is funny.
Little Debbie/ Little Hollie? HYSTERICAL.
So you know that they say the women who are together all the time, start to cycle together? I didn't know that extended to blogland?!?! Interesting. And with me there is no such thing as TMI. Bring it! You're my sista from another mista! (LOL I'm gangsta now.)

Three under Three said...

you are so funny! Cousin Eddie rocks and makes everything interesting...

~Andrea~ said...

I LOVE Christmas's a tradition around here:-) Camping sounds fun..and yes it makes the Gator football games even better! We got our new tag and booster stickers for the '09-'10 season we're getting so excited...can't wait!

Paula Kathlyn said...

Will you be paying with credick or debick??? Too funny!

Rachel H. said...

I stopped by from Tales of the Trees, and you have such a cute blog! And cute family! I would love a camper for Football games too!!

Legallyblondemel said...

Love it - Little Debbie may be the only thing that could entice me to ever camp again!

However, I've lived in Texas long enough now to appreciate the tailgating benefits of owning a camper/RV/whatever and would love to own for that purpose - and that purpose alone!

Lianna Knight said...

Girl...I thought the SAME thing. UNTIL, my parents rolled up to our house in the BIGGEST motorhome I have EVER laid my eyes on. It is GORGEOUS...down to the stainless steel appliances and flat screen TV's. My mom will NOT stay in a hotel any more...if that tells you how nice these things are.


monogramgirl said...'s amazing the connections we form. My sister and I constantly pick up the phone at the same time constantly. I checked out your sister's are all so darn cute!