Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I love these gals

Today I thought I'd share an inside look at a little sisterly banter, that I wasn't a part of this time(because I'm the last person on the planet Earth not to have a facebook), yet love because it is the perfect example of how my sisters and I operate. Our minds are so very in sync.

The following was simply copied and pasted from Sal Gal's facebook page, which I hold the password to!

Alison Page Logue highly recommends Golden Oreo Fun Stix! I can't even open my eyes when I eat them! Shhyeah.....THAT good!

Sallie Page Bryant at 9:34pm June 22
the page girls' unadulterated love of all things edible is quite mind-boggling to me.

Alison Page Logue at 9:38pm June 22
i'll tell ya what's got THIS mind boggled......GOLDEN OREO FUN STIX!!!! go get some. now! i'll wait.

Sallie Page Bryant at 9:43pm June 22
can't. they'll make my butt mind-boggling.

Also, nice job of using facebook as your new Instant Messenger, girls! The time frame of this convo is impressive.

We've never claimed to be normal.


Ali said...


but,really.....go get some!

Abbi said...

too funny!!!

Kasey said...

I don't have a facebook either! I have been thinking about it a lot lately though. B just started one b/c that's how people comm. these days about stuff like h.s. reunions.

Pamela said...

Gotta love you Page girls! :)

Rachel H. said...


*~! megs !~* said...

I bet you and your sisters are a blast to hang out with!