Monday, April 12, 2010

Never underestimate a man in a free Ace Hardware t-shirt

On Friday, we decided to take a little family trip to the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. It's located not too far from our home so we thought it'd make the perfect day trip. Kate wanted to see some alligators and we knew that the Okefenokee swamp would be just the place. We packed ourselves a quick picnic lunch consisting of the obvious menu items: cheese puffs, cookies and grape kool-aid jammers, along with a couple turkey sandwiches and some fruit (just so I wouldn't look like a complete tool of a mom).

And because our bikes were in used condition when we got them several years ago and we therefore cannot vouch for their past, from looking at them I honestly think they were part of the set of Three's Company. And today's role of Chrissy will be played by Hollie...Jack Tripper by M to the Izz-A.

Just a few seconds after I voiced the fact that I really hoped Kate got to see some alligators, we rode up on this:

This is the pic that I took, not wanting to get any closer.

And this is the pic that Matt managed to get.

After lunch we went on a boat ride down the swamp.

Kate even got to steer the boat.


And only my husband would agree to demonstrate the shallowness of the water. Yes, I have married the original Okefenokee Joe.

I'm all for getting in touch with nature, only I like to get in touch without actually touching it.

Following in her daddy's footsteps, Kate volunteered to show the others a tadpole.

While some of us chose to be a little more hands-on than others, it was a great day. We can't wait to go back!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

All that glitters is NOT gold... can also be an assortment of sequined tanks and belts.

This week I've had to clean out my closet and make room for M to the Izz-A's clothes. He's been using the spare bedroom's closet as his own since we've been married, but now that Hamp is on the way and the spare room is no longer a 'spare', his clothes will now be joining mine in the master bedroom's closet. I'm sure he will get great use out of the 1 ft shelving area I cleared for him. Kidding.

It's obvious that the cleaning out of my closet was way past due as evidenced in the pic above. Apparently I had a brief, yet heartfelt, love affair with all things sequined in the early years of our marriage. And with this I've laid to rest the theory that sequins die with your high school prom dress - because no, no they do not. They continue living in your stretchy belts and tank tops. Or at least they did in mine.

I only have three questions for myself:

1: Why?

2: Why?

3: Why?

After several hours of pulling out old clothes and shaking my head in shame, I freed up quite a few clothes hangers and filled up four garbage bags.

One bag had already made it to the trunk of my car at this point.

But after talking to Kerri, I've decided to go through them and take some to a local resale shop in an attempt to earn a lil' extra cash. But don't you go worryin' yourself, I'm not attempting to resale my lovely sequins. Those precious flecks of sunshine will be put to rest and left at the bottom of those Hefty, Hefty Cinch Saks.

Somethings really don't deserve a second chance now do they?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Shiny grill

Kate had her very first dentist appointment last week. While her pediatrician recommended we take her in when she turned two, I decided to hold off a few more months, so that she's closer to three. My 'decision' wasn't really based on solid reasoning, but more out of fear. I have been so nervous about taking her to her first dentist visit, for no other reason than that I used to be so scared of my dentist and dreaded every visit. This may be because it seemed like I was getting a filling everytime I turned around. I'm not one of those people who can say that they've never had a cavity. M to the Izz-A, on the other hand, is. He has never had a cavity and never had to have braces. I definitely have had my share of dental procedures. I think if you added up all of the dental/orthodontic treatments from my two sisters and me, I'm pretty sure we paid for our doc's mountain house, beach house, and that hairpiece.

So in preparation for her big visit, I talked with her in length about what she could expect, trying my best to make it sound fun and exciting. At one point I was even referring to the dental hygienist as the tooth fairy's sister. I considered bring a crown and asking her to wear it but figured she'd look at me like I'm crazy and slip me a business card for the nearest psychologist on my way out.

When we arrived, we sat in the waiting room while M to the Izz-A and Kate read all of their Highlights magazines- a staple for any medical office, if you ask me. When it was time to go back, she jumped up with excitement and ran back, not even waiting on me. She was excited! (Thank goodness.) Meanwhile I tried to hide my own nervousness.

Her dental hygienist, Jessica (a childhood friend), helped her into the "special chair" and proceeded to show her all the buttons that made it move up and down.

She even had special names for all of the dental instruments. Here's a pic of Kate with Mr. Thirsty.

Letting her give it a try all by herself...

Checking out the finished product. Nice and shiny!!
She was so proud! But not as proud as I was of her.
Of course the treasure box awaited her as she went out the door. She got a sticker, a necklace and one of those plastic hand slappers that sounds like someone clapping when you shake it up and down.

On the way home we stopped and picked up the toothpaste they recommended, Sensodyne Pronamel for Children, and she got an electric Hello Kitty toothbrush.

I thought she was going to run the battery out, because she brushed her teeth all the way home...and her carseat....and the window......and her arm.

I'm so proud of you, Kate. You make it easy to be your Mommy.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Festivities

We colored our eggs on Saturday:

My mom always reminds me that she never let her kids sit on the kitchen counters. Apparently I do.

Such a cute little egg, but I still can't figure out why they put snow hats in an Easter egg decorating kit. It's spring, not winter, no?

And those were the only two eggs that got the full sticker face and hat treatment. We soon realized that this step in the egg decorating process was becoming more tedious than it was fun and decided to skip it.

Kate was pretty pumped about the Easter bunny paying her a visit and pranced around with her Easter basket for the next two hours.

And on Sunday the sun was shining bright - too bright for her to look at the camera.

Easter morning went pretty smooth considering that most Sunday mornings are like mad house 'round here. We managed to make it on time, but not before one minor mishap. Because Colonel M to the Izz-A hates to be late, I took it upon myself to apply my mascara in the car on the ride there. Unfortunately for my dress and white tank underneath (and because I do everything a lil' bit spastic), I dropped the wand. It didn't show up on the dress as much as it did that bright white tank, which is why you can kind of notice how I've got the right side of my sweater pulled over my chest. But I was not about to turn around, be late, and let that blame mascara wand get the best of my Easter Sunday. And by the way, those little Tide on the Go sticks do not work - at least not on mascara. I tried it and it failed. Miserably.

So now I've still got the stain. Anyone have any suggestions for removing mascara?

Would you just look at that angel face?

Cousin Isaac was workin' the camera and had no problem with Mr. Sun.

I took a few moments to look back at last year's Easter post and I can't believe how much Kate has grown. I think it's the haircut.

On a mission...

This picture reminds me of my myself, when I was a kid, hunting for eggs. I think I've mentioned before, I was all business.

It was a great weekend. I'm still chowing down on all the Easter candy, digging through all the treat bags in search of anything chocolate....heck, I'll even take the 'chocolate-flavored' treats, which may be kind of questionable, but I really don't discriminate at this point.