Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Festivities

We colored our eggs on Saturday:

My mom always reminds me that she never let her kids sit on the kitchen counters. Apparently I do.

Such a cute little egg, but I still can't figure out why they put snow hats in an Easter egg decorating kit. It's spring, not winter, no?

And those were the only two eggs that got the full sticker face and hat treatment. We soon realized that this step in the egg decorating process was becoming more tedious than it was fun and decided to skip it.

Kate was pretty pumped about the Easter bunny paying her a visit and pranced around with her Easter basket for the next two hours.

And on Sunday the sun was shining bright - too bright for her to look at the camera.

Easter morning went pretty smooth considering that most Sunday mornings are like mad house 'round here. We managed to make it on time, but not before one minor mishap. Because Colonel M to the Izz-A hates to be late, I took it upon myself to apply my mascara in the car on the ride there. Unfortunately for my dress and white tank underneath (and because I do everything a lil' bit spastic), I dropped the wand. It didn't show up on the dress as much as it did that bright white tank, which is why you can kind of notice how I've got the right side of my sweater pulled over my chest. But I was not about to turn around, be late, and let that blame mascara wand get the best of my Easter Sunday. And by the way, those little Tide on the Go sticks do not work - at least not on mascara. I tried it and it failed. Miserably.

So now I've still got the stain. Anyone have any suggestions for removing mascara?

Would you just look at that angel face?

Cousin Isaac was workin' the camera and had no problem with Mr. Sun.

I took a few moments to look back at last year's Easter post and I can't believe how much Kate has grown. I think it's the haircut.

On a mission...

This picture reminds me of my myself, when I was a kid, hunting for eggs. I think I've mentioned before, I was all business.

It was a great weekend. I'm still chowing down on all the Easter candy, digging through all the treat bags in search of anything chocolate....heck, I'll even take the 'chocolate-flavored' treats, which may be kind of questionable, but I really don't discriminate at this point.


Carrie said...

Maybe try hairspray on the mascara stain?

Nishehe said...

hey.. i am a fan of ur blog...pregnancy suits u well.. and ur gal is a precious.. :D Maegan said...

omg your family is too cute!

Ashley said...

Kate is so stinkin cute and so photogenic!!!

petrii said...

Y'all look so cute!!! I have no good tricks for getting out mascara. Sorry wish I could help.

Have a Blessed week,

AmyT said...

My Aunt swears by 'soap' as in a bar of soap will take any stain out. (Ivory-cheap and sweet smelling soap) She says to keep a bar near your washing machine. Scrub it on the stain...and BOOM it comes out in the wash. I haven't tried it yet...but I'm planning on it.

Anonymous said...

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