Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Shiny grill

Kate had her very first dentist appointment last week. While her pediatrician recommended we take her in when she turned two, I decided to hold off a few more months, so that she's closer to three. My 'decision' wasn't really based on solid reasoning, but more out of fear. I have been so nervous about taking her to her first dentist visit, for no other reason than that I used to be so scared of my dentist and dreaded every visit. This may be because it seemed like I was getting a filling everytime I turned around. I'm not one of those people who can say that they've never had a cavity. M to the Izz-A, on the other hand, is. He has never had a cavity and never had to have braces. I definitely have had my share of dental procedures. I think if you added up all of the dental/orthodontic treatments from my two sisters and me, I'm pretty sure we paid for our doc's mountain house, beach house, and that hairpiece.

So in preparation for her big visit, I talked with her in length about what she could expect, trying my best to make it sound fun and exciting. At one point I was even referring to the dental hygienist as the tooth fairy's sister. I considered bring a crown and asking her to wear it but figured she'd look at me like I'm crazy and slip me a business card for the nearest psychologist on my way out.

When we arrived, we sat in the waiting room while M to the Izz-A and Kate read all of their Highlights magazines- a staple for any medical office, if you ask me. When it was time to go back, she jumped up with excitement and ran back, not even waiting on me. She was excited! (Thank goodness.) Meanwhile I tried to hide my own nervousness.

Her dental hygienist, Jessica (a childhood friend), helped her into the "special chair" and proceeded to show her all the buttons that made it move up and down.

She even had special names for all of the dental instruments. Here's a pic of Kate with Mr. Thirsty.

Letting her give it a try all by herself...

Checking out the finished product. Nice and shiny!!
She was so proud! But not as proud as I was of her.
Of course the treasure box awaited her as she went out the door. She got a sticker, a necklace and one of those plastic hand slappers that sounds like someone clapping when you shake it up and down.

On the way home we stopped and picked up the toothpaste they recommended, Sensodyne Pronamel for Children, and she got an electric Hello Kitty toothbrush.

I thought she was going to run the battery out, because she brushed her teeth all the way home...and her carseat....and the window......and her arm.

I'm so proud of you, Kate. You make it easy to be your Mommy.


Rebecca Jo said...

What a good girl! Good to get 'em not afraid of the dentist...

New England Girl said...

As a Dental Hygienist who loves seeing that children have wonderful first experiences, I SO would have worn that crown!!!! ;)

Kerri said...

Love it...Can't be believe she did that good! Brock won't even let his own NANA clean his!

Little Miss Paige said...

Wow! You are a "cool" mom to buy a battery-powered toothbrush!! Lucky girl!!

Little Miss Paige