Thursday, April 8, 2010

All that glitters is NOT gold... can also be an assortment of sequined tanks and belts.

This week I've had to clean out my closet and make room for M to the Izz-A's clothes. He's been using the spare bedroom's closet as his own since we've been married, but now that Hamp is on the way and the spare room is no longer a 'spare', his clothes will now be joining mine in the master bedroom's closet. I'm sure he will get great use out of the 1 ft shelving area I cleared for him. Kidding.

It's obvious that the cleaning out of my closet was way past due as evidenced in the pic above. Apparently I had a brief, yet heartfelt, love affair with all things sequined in the early years of our marriage. And with this I've laid to rest the theory that sequins die with your high school prom dress - because no, no they do not. They continue living in your stretchy belts and tank tops. Or at least they did in mine.

I only have three questions for myself:

1: Why?

2: Why?

3: Why?

After several hours of pulling out old clothes and shaking my head in shame, I freed up quite a few clothes hangers and filled up four garbage bags.

One bag had already made it to the trunk of my car at this point.

But after talking to Kerri, I've decided to go through them and take some to a local resale shop in an attempt to earn a lil' extra cash. But don't you go worryin' yourself, I'm not attempting to resale my lovely sequins. Those precious flecks of sunshine will be put to rest and left at the bottom of those Hefty, Hefty Cinch Saks.

Somethings really don't deserve a second chance now do they?


Anonymous said...

Ok, don't throw anything at me, but I love the tank tops. Is that bad? I think they're really cute!!!

GirlB300 said...

I love them too! Girl, don't be ashamed to shine!

Lianna Knight said...

I hear ya....I cleaned out my closet the other day and there was NO way I was going to post some of the ridiculous things I had in there :)

J-Diggety said...

I admit, those tanks are great... fun "going out dancing" tops :) The belts, on the other hand... ;)

I love cleaning out my closets and giving things away... fresh open space for new duds! :)

Happy weekend!
xoxo J

Q, La, and Gooner said...

You'll be money ahead to donate and take a tax return! You have a LOT of clothing! You always look so fabulous!

Lindsey said...

Way to go! I SO need to do this too!!

Johnson Boys said...

Girl they are selling those belts NOW at the local Old Navy.. you better hold on to em..

Les said...

Send me over your sloppy seconds!!
Have you heard of courtneycourtney?
She "upcycles" pieces of garments at thrift stores to make ultra cute dresses. I've been trying to get one for months- they sell in like 15 seconds I kid you not!