Monday, November 8, 2010

Probably one of the only posts I'll ever do without a picture but I think you'll like it anyway

I've never really done a 'send me your questions and I'll answer them' kind of thing on here.  You know, when people send in all the questions they'd like to know about you?  Maybe because the thought of it makes me a nervous wreck?   And then I started thinking, "I guess it could be fun, in a way?"

Well -  I'm still not going to do it.  What?  Ya'll thought I got all brave and stuff? 


But I am making an effort to answer one of the most frequent questions that I receive weekly, either by comment or email.

"Where do you get Kate's clothes and/or hair accessories?"

While I'm not exclusive to one particular brand, I do love Matilda Jane Clothing.  And the majority of the time I get asked about Kate's outfit is when she's wearing MJC.  That's my 'go to' for when I need something cute yet a little funky, comfortable, and durable.  I just feel like that company really matches Kate's spunky personality and makes truly adorable clothing.  However, I've never been one to completely sell out to one particular brand, or style for that matter.  I just love cute clothes, period - wherever I happen to find them, whether it be MJC  or any kids clothing store in the local mall.  Heck,  Kate's first pair of rainboots, the ones that we both fell in love with (the cowprint ones) came from Tractor Supply Co.  And like everyone else, I'm always looking for a sale.  A BIG sale.   And not just 10% off.  I'm more of a 25% or more kind of girl.  And actually, a lot of her everyday stuff comes from Target.  Oh how I love thee and your forever-on-sale Circo playwear.

When Kate was younger, I couldn't get her to keep a bow in her hair for anything.  I put it in.  She pulled it out.  I put in it.  She pulled it out.  Repeat that pattern 100 times and you would have had a day in my life.  But thankfully now, Kate wears lots of headbands and flowers, as well as pretty little bows.  And for all of her bow needs, I rely on Halle's Bows.

This is where I think you'll start liking this boring post.

Speaking of bows...

I'm doing a giveaway!

Wait.  Maybe you didn't hear me...

I'm doing a giveaway!!!!! (Is it 'doing' a giveaway or 'having' a giveaway?  Ahh who cares?)

So, for any of you out there who has a little girl, knows someone who has a little girl, will have a little girl at some point in the future, or if you just like bows, you will want to check in here tomorrow for our giveaway!  

You do NOT want to miss this!!  And it's just in time for all the upcoming holidays!  Yeah we know ya'll love some cute holiday bows!


Kristy said...

Or I'll just ignore you saying that you aren't doing that...


My question is....when are we setting up a mega-trek to meet in the middle and discover the awesomeness of our friendship in real life??

Hahaha- can't wait to see the giveaway. You know I'm a lover of the bows! :)

Abby said...

Um, can I come too?!?!? That's my question!