Wednesday, November 10, 2010

M to the Izz-A sleeps with sandpaper

Listen, no one's ever accused me of being a foot model.  I've got my dad's feet, which means long and bony and fingers for toes.  And unfortunately for Kate (and maybe Hamp, I can't tell yet) it appears that I've passed that sweet trait on to her. 

But long toes have become the least of my worries.

While I've always been one to get pedicures, that little splurge has recently taken a seat on the back burner.  Being a stay at home mom with two kids has moved a lot of my priorities around, to say the least.  Well, it's looking like I may need to bump that pedicure back up near the top, at least for M to the Izz-A's sake. 

The other night we were joking around and I put my cold feet on him to warm them up a little, and through his laughter he says, "Get those sandpaper feet off of me!"

Oh. no. he. didn't.

But wait.  Yes he did.

Ya'll, I wish you could have seen my face.  Better yet, his face - because at that point, I smashed it between the two nearest pillows.

And since in all reality it's not looking like monthly pedicures are gonna make it back into the budget anytime soon, please share if you know of some excellent foot cream that softens even the highest grade of sandpaper.  Because dang, apparently I could save a carpenter a lot of money just by providing the services of my feet.

On a happier note, I went with my pals to LNO last night and had a blast.

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Adorably Distracted... said...

They have socks that are really soft... similar to this material socks.jpg

I've found if you lotion up your feet before bed and wear those socks the difference is great! I have no kids and work and this isn't in my budget... i'm so scared for the future lol

Carolina Girl said...

Sea salt and olive oil! Works wonders! I just mix a little batch up and scrub my feet in the bathtub. Then put some regular lotion on, and your feet will feel fab. I do this about once a week in the winter.


Windy said...

Bath & Body has aloe infused socks (some with peppermint scent) that work great. Put them on straight out of the tub while your feet are still damp. You need to get the rough stuff off first with one of those file thingies (can't think of name) they have those at WM.

Dawn said...


You are too funny! Gold Bond has a foot lotion that works wonderfully!! SERIOUSLY! I love it! It actually has cut back on the amount of pedicures that I was getting! It is in a blue and red squeeze thingy and it is found in the section where the Dr. Scholl's stuff is at Walmart. I put in on after the shower in the morning and then put my socks on....your feel will feel wonderful!


Anonymous said...

Dr. Oz did a segment on this recently. He had a lady soak her feet in warm water with epsom salt then he slathered her feet with lotion, wrapped them in cling wrap and covered it all with a sock.

Mrs. Classic said...

There is a lotion at bath and body works that is AMAZING! After putting it on with socks for a few nights you can tell such a difference. My family has the worst cracked feet, no more though! There are two sizes, the bigger one is only $5 more for 2x more lotion.

Lianna Knight said...

One of the hottest items that I sell (Mary Kay) is Extra Emollient Night costs $13 and is RIDICULOUSLY good. You can put it on your feet at night, with socks, and it works miracles by morning :)

Here is the link, if you are interested!

According to Ashley said...

Haha - My hubby won't let me touch his feet with my feet in bed, either. I, too, have really long toes and I think one of my toenails scratched him one time :/ . Woops. On an unrelated note, I looooove your cardigan in the LNO picture. I'd love to know where you bought it!