Friday, November 12, 2010

Her colors aren't brown and brown...

...but apparently mine are?

Seriously.  Be honest.  Should I go with brown, brown, brown, or brown?



We're considering repainting our bedroom.  I am completely over the super dark green color on my walls.  It's dated, to say the least.  Plus, I think I actually described it as 'depressing' the other day.  I need something more neutral, more natural, more....well, brown.

I need the perfect shade of boring brown, or...basic beige?  Something that will stand the test of time and the changing of my bedding over the years.

Since when did the color of dirt become so popular that it needed a million gazillion shades? 

Well, Kate wasn't feelin' as much brown as she was sparkly blue and purple, circa my middle school makeup years.

She didn't want to go upstairs to sit in front of the bathroom mirror, so we set her up a little makeup vanity at the kitchen table, with the help of Hamp's formula can and an old compact of mine.  Old?  Who am I kidding?  I'm still digging at the corners of that thing trying to get every last drop of powder out that I can.  But I'll call it 'old' because I plan on getting a new one TODAY.  Or tomorrow.  Hold me to it.

Putting on makeup first thing in the morning?  She's way ahead of her mama.

Simply gorgeous. 

Makeup by 7am - You're my hero, Kate.

But who could ever be grumpy in the mornings when they get to see this little cutie staring up at them?

And Mr. Man was sportin' his blue jeans today. 

Only he could make jeans with a drawstring waist look cool.

His best 'surprised face'

Can someone please come and rescue that family of dust bunnies living underneath my benchseat?


Erica said...

Love your son's bedding! So cute. And I also need new foundation ASAP. Thanks for reminding me to order it;-)

Anonymous said...

Love baby jeans. Cute! I have a powder compact like that too :)

Becky said...

Without looking at your bedding & furniture I vote a suede color for your walls! Kate looks beautiful as always, as does her mother. And Hamp, well, he's the man!

ASC said...

Baby jeans are the cutest...I love Caroline in hers! Our bedroom is painted "bagel" (who comes up with these names?) which isn't too light and isn't too dark. Let me know if you want to see a picture...picking paint is the worst :)

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Too cute!

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