Monday, March 1, 2010

Now that's pretty fine!

Tomorrow I'm heading to the ol' lab for my glucose tolerance test. I'm officially in my third trimester! This won't be the first time I've had to do this test for this pregnancy. Because Kate was a big baby (8lb 15 oz), my docs made me do a glucose test in my first trimester, too. I don't dread this test as much as most people. I happen to think that the sugary liquid you're required to drink taste like a nice glass of Kool-Aid made just how I like it - super sweet.

I've actually been feeling pretty good. As a matter of fact, when people ask how I'm doing, an old phrase from my Grandaddy Buck (and my dad still uses it a times) comes to mind. I find myself wanting to answer, "I'm finer than a frog hair split four ways!" I try not to use this phrase very often as it tends to draw some strange looks. Understandable.

Hamp's nursery is coming along, although a bit slowly. We've put together the furniture and painted the walls. Paint, however, is the only thing on the walls as of yet - no pictures, no decor. I didn't want his nursery to have a theme really, just about anything that has to do with being a boy will be, fishing, hunting, and any and all sports. I guess you can say the theme is "All Boy".

Here's a sneak peek of what's been done so far...

I'm in love with madras plaid. It looks like a pair of super cute summer shorts.
Although Kate is excited about being a big sister and she loves to show Hamp's nursery to anyone who visits, she didn't want to be left out of the pictures of his nursery. She ran and got her new Dora undies and thought they were picture-worthy, too.

This week is going to be a busy one, as is the whole month it seems - doctor appointment , friend's baby shower, Pampered Chef party, teacher workshop/conference (although I'm looking forward to this only because I get to eat a yummy lunch at Ranchero's), and two birthday parties on Saturday. Whew. Hopefully I'll still be feelin' fine by Sunday!
Oh, and I'll be posting my 7 month belly pic on Wednesday!


Kristy said...

Well it's official that we aren't long lost sisters... by the time I was 7 months pregnant with my #2 you could just roll me around! ;)
Nursery is lookin' sweet! Major props to the Dora undies, we have some of those around here too!!

Golden Stilettos said...

Cute nursery! I love the different colored walls and the plaid is super cute!

I work in an OB/GYN office and most of the woman do hate the glucose test but everyone prefers the orange soda over the fake coca-cola stuff! lol

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

His nursery looks cute!

Abby said...

Hollie, you are lookin' so good! I can only pray I look half as cute as you the next time around!

I love the "All Boy" theme. What a great idea!

Lea Liz said...

The nursery is so cute! I love the plaid!!!!! You are looking great!!!

tickledpink said...

The nursery is super cute! I love the cars and plaid!

Kelley said...

so cute! good luck with the gtt!