Thursday, October 2, 2008

Old School

Since it's football season, I've been thinking about my high school football days, way back when. I was my school's starting quarterback. Just kidding people, I was on the sidelines screaming at the top of my lungs, doing random jumps, spastic arm movements, and throwing people in the air while still trying to maintain some femininity. Wait, I think the inappropriate skirt length took care of that.

I pulled out some of my old yearbooks and even came across my senior scrapbook.

Let's have some fun with this shall we?

I thought I would do a little then and now comparison.


Then: always painted red because what if you could see them in the stands when I rocked my awesome spirit fingers?

Now: manage to keep my hangnails trimmed and my jagged edges filed


Then: applied two, maybe three, coats of my bright red matte finish lipstick before every game because my lips HAD to match my uniform

Now: use a sheer gloss that compliments my skin tone


Then: straightened (with blow-dryer and brush only, except the few times I had Sal Gal lay my hair on the ironing board and run an actual clothes iron threw it and that was only on days when I conditioned it with mayonnaise because Glamour magazine said it worked wonders), all one length, in desperate need of some side bangs to soften the appearance of that fivehead, and brown in color

Now: straightened with flat iron, layered, side bangs, and...blonde. What? Ya'll didn't really think I was a natural did ya?


Then: washed my face every night with the harshest cleanser I could find and never ever applied any type of moisturizer because I was scared to death of getting a zit

Now: wash my face with a gentle cleanser and smooth on the thickest moisturizer I can find to help combat the wrinkles that seem to be making themselves at home (uninvited I might add)

I'm sure I could go on and on but hey, let's not get crazy. Besides, I've got to go and get stretched out.

I'm gonna see if I can still do a hurkey.


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

i'd pay money to see you do that hurkey. you're so cute!

Kristy said...

Nice. I KNEW there was some cheering background since you can pull off those heel clicks! =)

Your then and nows are so so funny.
Oh yea, and your team is going to absolutely murder my team on Sat.

Kristen said...

A are too funny!!! :)
I love re-cap pics. Isn't it amazing how cool we thought we were at the time, but looking back, it's quite the opposite.
My best friends and I were JUST talking about a pic of us in Jr. High when we thought we were lookin' good..yikes!

sal gal said...

awwww you forgot the most vital part of your teen skincare regimen. you know, what i like to call the 'no touch' method to avoid blemishes. 'no touch' as in NOTHING could touch your face after you washed it. no pillows (requiring you to lie flat on your back, stiff, almost corpse-like), no person (no one could hug you, give you a good night kiss, not even your parents), NOTHING! i distinctly remember leaning down to whisper something in your ear one night after you were already in bed and you panicking, saying "DON'T GET YOUR OIL ON MY FACE!!"

haha.. i told ya if you didn't fess up to this i would reveal it in the comments.. i love ya!!
just be thankful that i'm saving the paper-on-the-shirt secret for when you try to write a post about how giving you were as a teen.
nothin' but love for ya lil sis!

Carolina Girl said...

Oh we have SO much in common. I am gonna have to pull out the ole cheerleading pics now. This could be scary!

CarolinaGirl said...

You are so funny! I knew it! A cheerleader. Your parking lot heel clicks gave it away! I was having a yucky night, so thanks for putting a smile on my face! Now go do your hurkey followed by a back hand spring!

I love your daughters black and white dress in the last post. Too cute! Where did you get it? She is a doll. Beautiful like her Mommy!

Megan said...

Love it! You really need to get that hurkey on video so that we can all see your skills!

Anonymous said...

I love it!! We should all post some old school pics..

Conner Cutoff said...


Those pics make me laugh and make me sad.

I miss those good days.

We had a lot of fun didn't we?

When ever this season comes around I wish, oh how I wish I could strap on my pads one more time.

Go Flashes
c/o 97 Rules!

Rachel said...

This was toooo funny!! You still look just as young!! Hope the hurkey went well...with Claire in Gymnastics, she is asking me to show her all kinds of stuff we used to do...lets just say, it's not the same =)!

Legallyblondemel said...

Oh, the hilarity. You are a braver woman than I to post high school pics - although you were/are adorable, so I can't blame you. I myself was too preoccupied acting serious and dark in high school to cheerlead - although of course I secretly wanted to be one - so I'll have to live vicariously through you.

Three cheers for us (un)natural blondes of the world!

Jenn said...

Am I the only one who doesn't know what a hurkey is? Perhaps you should share a visual demonstration like when you explained a good heel-click to us! (o: The pressure is on, three cheers for a hurkey from Hollie!!

Isn't it great that our best hair wasn't wasted on high school years?

Rebecca Jo said...

I'm not sure what a hurkey is myself.....

But I'd love to get the pictures out myself from the eye shadow/blue eye liner! Earrings that people literally called "Hardee's ashtrays" - they were HUGE! Oh, what we think is cool in high school!

Anonymous said...

Was the photo transposed in your yearbook?

Took me a minute to figure out who the "sehsalF" were.

I guess no matter where you live, yearbooks are about the same.

BB said...

too funny!!! You should write a book!!! The hurkey comment had me laughing out loud...The other day, I was standing in my boy's room in front of the mirrored closte doors and stupidity overcame me and I tried to do a toe-touch!!! I'm 32 years old, the last time I was in cheerleading uniform was 10 years ago. OUCH!!! It.hurt.alot!!!

Anonymous said...

Very funny.

I'm for the hurkey video.

Lori said...

Cute! I use to do the mayonnaise thing too! lol
It's always fun to look back at're even more gorgeous than you were back then!! :)

Virginia said...

ME TOO! But, we were blue and gold, so in 1996, you know I was rockin' the blue nailpolish with tiger paws. We need to invest in a trampoline b/c that's about the only way we are gonna hurkey it out. We might slip a disk.

Anonymous said...

This is a really cute post! I love your comparisons!

Anonymous said...

This is SO True! Thank u for the good laugh, I loved this...especially the "red lipstick"... Gosh how times have changed! And, I LOVE the pictures by the lake (post above), Adorable!!

Cal mom said...

I had my sis do the old hair staightening on the ironing board to me in the mornings before school. How funny! Thought I was the only one!

Miss Anne said...


i'll have to find a hs pic and post it and do a little "then and now" comparisons.


thanks for posting on my blog! :)