Monday, March 21, 2011

And then they wore matching jackets

Thought I'd start this post off with a good lookin' pic of the two good lookin' men in my life. 

And I don't even have a story to go with it.  Just a pic, all by its lonesome.   

Hamp's been a little under the weather lately.  A little pink eye mixed with a bad cough and snotty nose does not make for a happy baby.  Needless to say, sleep has not been our friend and we are all feeling it.  Sometimes when I'm up at night (at some crazy hour!) rocking my sweet boy, I start thinking about who else just might be up doing the same thing as me.  I think to myself, " I bet so-and-so might be up rocking her baby right about now.."  For some odd reason I can find a little comfort in that.  I go through a mental list of my friends, family, and even people from the past, like maybe from college or something, and wonder if they are up rocking their kid or getting some awesome, highly desired, face-to-pillow sleep time.  Is that crazy or what?  I mean, what does everyone else think of when they are up rocking their baby?  Sure, a lot of the time I spend praying over my little ones, but I do find myself going back to wondering who else might be up with me, somewhere. 

The best remedy for being tired is to head out with the best friends for some girl time.  A night out with the gals lends itself to lots of laughs, food, and even more good conversation.  Pretty sure we were the last ones to leave the joint.

Kristin, me, Jobeth, and Kerri

On Saturday, Jobeth and I threw Kerri a baby shower, since she's due to welcome her second son, Cooper Jack, into the world in just a few short weeks. 

Beautiful Mama

Hamp spent the majority of the time using his baby blues to flirt with the girls.

playing clubhouse

This little guy is going to be a big brother soon.  He's one of the most polite 4-year-olds I know.  I love him!

Brock a.k.a. Riz

The partying carried over into Sunday with cousin Anna's sixth birthday, luau style.

Lydia, Kate, Isaac, and Anna

Reese and Kate


Hamp and his girlfriends, Brooklyn and Braelyn
(He digs twins.)

Stopping the party for a little BeyBlade action:

We've been so thankful for the sunny weather.  It's not quite pool season but it is just right for some time in the sprinkler.

Kate, Anna, Sara Gale

The best thing about Kate's swimsuit?  It was given to her by her Aunt Lindsay, at my baby shower, right before she was born actually.  We've waited three and a half years to wear it and it finally fits!  Last year we gave it a try but it kept falling off.  Now, it's perfect!  Thank you, Aunt Lin! 

The Elmo sprinkler has seen better days...

...not quite the effect they had in mind.   Pretty sure it's clogged with sand and who knows what else. 

So we dug out the ol' trusty yard sprinkler and it didn't disappoint.

And just because I know ya'll need somethin' funny to make you laugh on this Monday:

There are NO words. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Far from Wordless

Just thought I'd share...

A few weeks back I was introduced to Pastor Steven Furtick's blog.  It has quickly become one of my most favorite blogs thus far.  He is the pastor of Elevation Church, but he also writes daily blog posts (which, in my opinion, are kind of like devotionals that really get me thinking and hit me right where I need it). 

His current series of sermons (which you can download as free audio podcasts), Honorology, hits the nail on the head with it's introduction saying:

Today's generation has done a great job at ruining the concept of honor. We have confused it with respect. We think honor is something we can withhold from someone based on their performance. Based on how much we like them. But that’s not biblical honor. In the Bible, honor is weight. Honor is value. And it's something freely given. It's time for a re-education.

I've added the link to my blog roll for easy access. 

Don't feel like scanning through the entire site looking for the 'really good ones'?  Let me recommend a couple of my favorites:

this one  (spiritual growth)


this one  (personal development) 

Oh, and if you're needing some motivation...this one, for sure.

Bet you can read all three of those in less than 10 minutes - maybe even 5.  That is, if you were in the high reading group in elementary school.  Just kidding.  They are all fairly quick reads and get straight to the point.  And I, for one, appreciate getting straight to the point.

And heck, ya'll ought to know by now I can't not post a few pics of the kiddos. 

Just a swingin'!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gettin' springy with it

Spring has surely sprung around here!

The children's department sang in our morning church service last weekend and did such a great job!  Kate chewed on her dress for most of it but took a break every now and then to perform the hand motions with the song.  It was a hoot!

Reese, Sara Gale, and Kate

On Saturday we attended cousin Isaac's birthday party.  They had jumpy houses...and a DJ, who apparently was in high school during the same years as most of the parents because he played songs that made us wanna take off our shoes and pretend we were at a sock-hop after the Friday night football game. The only difference was I wasn't worried about the tight roll in my jeans coming loose while I danced.  It was lots of fun and we impressed ourselves by remembering all the lyrics to most of the songs. 

I managed to take a few pics with the ol' phone:

Hamp and one of his favorite people, JB.

Hamp also had his 9 month checkup last week.  Weight - 20  lbs.  Height - 29 in.   Solid. 

Please do not leave your child unattended on the exam table.  Or at least not for longer than it takes you to snap a quick pic or two with your phone.  That sign is located very close to the one that says to turn off your cell phone while in exam room. 

His new thing is to throw his head back a little for pictures.  You know, kinda like football players hold their chin up all tough lookin' when they take their roster pics.  Hamp T. on the Florida 40 yard line.  He's on the 30! ..20..10!  Touchdown for the Gators! 

Sorry.  Where was I?

Oh yes, Hamp is 9 months old.  And what's a month milestone without a picture to go with it?

Sweet, sweet boy