Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Far from Wordless

Just thought I'd share...

A few weeks back I was introduced to Pastor Steven Furtick's blog.  It has quickly become one of my most favorite blogs thus far.  He is the pastor of Elevation Church, but he also writes daily blog posts (which, in my opinion, are kind of like devotionals that really get me thinking and hit me right where I need it). 

His current series of sermons (which you can download as free audio podcasts), Honorology, hits the nail on the head with it's introduction saying:

Today's generation has done a great job at ruining the concept of honor. We have confused it with respect. We think honor is something we can withhold from someone based on their performance. Based on how much we like them. But that’s not biblical honor. In the Bible, honor is weight. Honor is value. And it's something freely given. It's time for a re-education.

I've added the link to my blog roll for easy access. 

Don't feel like scanning through the entire site looking for the 'really good ones'?  Let me recommend a couple of my favorites:

this one  (spiritual growth)


this one  (personal development) 

Oh, and if you're needing some motivation...this one, for sure.

Bet you can read all three of those in less than 10 minutes - maybe even 5.  That is, if you were in the high reading group in elementary school.  Just kidding.  They are all fairly quick reads and get straight to the point.  And I, for one, appreciate getting straight to the point.

And heck, ya'll ought to know by now I can't not post a few pics of the kiddos. 

Just a swingin'!


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hooray, your writings on theater and writing much missed!

Monogramgirl said...

Such happy brother and big sis!

Abbi said...

wow, hamp is getting so big. SO fast. Kate is changing too. she's looking like a lil girl now!

Pam said...

Thanks for the new blog recs.... I'ma have to check him out. :)

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Elizabeth said...

Hollie...what precious kiddos you have! And I will definitely have to check that blog out...thanks for sharing!

Hope you have a great week! :)