Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gettin' springy with it

Spring has surely sprung around here!

The children's department sang in our morning church service last weekend and did such a great job!  Kate chewed on her dress for most of it but took a break every now and then to perform the hand motions with the song.  It was a hoot!

Reese, Sara Gale, and Kate

On Saturday we attended cousin Isaac's birthday party.  They had jumpy houses...and a DJ, who apparently was in high school during the same years as most of the parents because he played songs that made us wanna take off our shoes and pretend we were at a sock-hop after the Friday night football game. The only difference was I wasn't worried about the tight roll in my jeans coming loose while I danced.  It was lots of fun and we impressed ourselves by remembering all the lyrics to most of the songs. 

I managed to take a few pics with the ol' phone:

Hamp and one of his favorite people, JB.

Hamp also had his 9 month checkup last week.  Weight - 20  lbs.  Height - 29 in.   Solid. 

Please do not leave your child unattended on the exam table.  Or at least not for longer than it takes you to snap a quick pic or two with your phone.  That sign is located very close to the one that says to turn off your cell phone while in exam room. 

His new thing is to throw his head back a little for pictures.  You know, kinda like football players hold their chin up all tough lookin' when they take their roster pics.  Hamp T. on the Florida 40 yard line.  He's on the 30! ..20..10!  Touchdown for the Gators! 

Sorry.  Where was I?

Oh yes, Hamp is 9 months old.  And what's a month milestone without a picture to go with it?

Sweet, sweet boy


Amber said...

A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.!! You dress your kids so stinkin' cute!! That Hamp is getting to be quite the big boy too!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

they are both so cute! :) I love that the little ones got to sing in church! That always makes me laugh and cry :) I hope y'all are doing great!

Heather B. said...

They are SO cute!! Love their spring-y outfits. :)

Emily said...

seriously!!! U have the cutest kids in the whole entire world!! I LOVE them!!! I also love the sign at the dr office! So funny!
Kate looks so adorable in her mj!!!

Monogramgirl said...

Oh you are having spring...so jealous! Your children (and you) always seem so happy! And so well dresses :)

TheVanzants said...

Thank you for taking pictures Sunday...I'm gonna "borrow" one if you don't mind.

And I sure do love that little Hamp!

Abbi said...

love the pics of kate and hamp! too cute!
the pic of you and hamp is adorable. love the hair color too!