Monday, September 13, 2010

It appears it's been a while

This little buddy is already 3 months old!
Actually, three and a half months, and in two weeks I'll be posting his four month picture - THAT'S how behind I am.

Growing so much, gettin' so big......

He's still sleeping through the night for the most part and already seems to be in the beginning stages of teething. If his smile's this cute now, can you imagine what it'll be like when he gets those little bottom teeth poking up for the camera?

He's quite the ham!

Moving along - let's talk agriculture. Settle down. You know I'm all indoorsy and stuff. It's not gonna get too farmer Johnish for you.
Last year we left our pumpkin out so long that it imploded, melted, and turned to goo right in our front yard. When you live in the middle of a hayfield, curb appeal tends to take a seat on the back burner. We have no curb and therefore feel no need for appeal. Got me?
Little did we know that the it left us with a little seed planted just so and it started to sprout up a week or two ago. Kate and M to the Izz-A quickly moved the pumpkin sprout into it's new cozy home - an old, faded beach bucket with yard dirt.

That's one proud horticulturist.

After seeing that this little sprout might just make it, we decided to let it move on up in the world, into a proper pot with planting soil.

Kate's been watering it everyday and watching it grow. Although we know it won't be ready for Halloween, she's enjoying being its caretaker.

The stand and squat watering stance has a proven success rate.

It's been a week of celebrations.

My grandma celebrated her 83rd birthday last Sunday. Here she is with my Aunt Sara and my mom. Oh, and Rocky...

How much you wanna bet she made them wait 'til she reapplied her lipstick before taking that picture? I love that woman.

M to the Izz-A's granny also celebrated her 83rd birthday last Friday, along with cousin Luke who celebrated his 3rd birthday!

It was a day of fun, sun, and toe-biting ants. The kids had a blast!

After a fun weekend at the lake, we're back home and just taking it easy...

Feels good to be back in the blogosphere after my mini-break! I've missed it so!


Rebecca (Craving Simplicity) said...

How cute are they?!?! I've missed you! This is the (Old) Mrs. Cup. :)

Madison said...

Both of your children are beautiful!

Abby said...

i miss your posts, hollie! the kiddos are getting so big - hamp looks just like his sissy :)

Kari said...

I can not believe how big your babies are...most of all Kate! Where did that time go? Hope you are enjoying your stay at home mommy status! But sheesh, where does the time go? Don't you wonder how you survived when you were working?

Little Miss Diva said...

Hamp is quite the cutie just like Kate! I have missed your blog, glad you posted. :)

Charlie said...

Good to have you back! Everyone looks cute and happy in your pics!!

Becky said...

What a great post!!! I love that the old rotted out pumpkin left behind something new & fresh. Reminds me of a few bible verses. Please tell Kate that Mrs. Becky will be practicing her squat & water stance soon because I want my plants to be successful too! She can teach me Saturday when ya'll come by. ;)

Lianna Knight said...

Welcome back :) Loved all the pics!