Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Weekend

Saturday morning M to the Izz-A got me out of bed at 7am and told me we needed to leave by 7:45.

Ummm. Run that by me again?

And on top of it all, he told me to dress comfortably and to pull yesterday's hair up into a ponytail. Not exactly what you have in mind when you think of Valentine's Day.

All I could think (and say) was, "Okay Buster, this better be good."

Because he had me curious, I got ready and we were headed out before 8am. And since we live in MiddleofaHayfield, USA we have to give ourselves plenty of travel time wherever we go. By 8:45am we were pulling into a familiar parking lot...the same place we had our sonogram to tell us that we were having a lil' baby boy. The sides of my mouth broke into a slight grin at this point...

At first I thought he scheduled for me to have another sonogram - 3-D or something. But when we walked in I realized that I was there for a prenatal massage. Score!

I've never had a prenatal massage and it was amazing. I left there feeling so relaxed. All of my aches and pains were gone. My lower back has been bothering me lately as my belly has been pulling everything outta line. But after that massage, the pain was gone. At least for now. Way to go, M to the Izz-A!

After a lunch date consisting of tons of pasta and salad, we headed home and spent some time with Kate and Matt's mother, who was in town visiting and playing babysitter for us.

That evening we went out for BBQ with some friends. There we four couples to be exact, so you know we piled into The Mini (Ben and Kristin's mini-van) and headed out! It's just not a trip without the The Mini. We always try to make Kristin promise to never get rid of it.

As we pulled up to the restaurant, we realized that BBQ obviously wasn't high on the list of hot spots for VDay dinner dates. We were the only ones in the restaurant! Needless to say we had excellent service, I mean really if we were the only customers there. Oh wait. We were.

My Valentine

My cousin, Ben - who can never be counted on to just be normal. Ever. Which is why we love him.

I meant to snap a pic of everyone together, but it just didn't happen. It was a fun night - the kind of night when you ride home with your face hurting a lil' bit from laughing so much.

After church on Sunday, Kate and I baked our Valentine a heart-shaped cake. It ended up falling after I stacked the two layers. One side caved in under the pressure of the icing and strawberries...and we actually ran out of icing before we had the whole thing finished. Oh well. We just crossed our fingers and hoped that the thought behind it counted more than the actual finished product.

He was happy, regardless of the fact that it turned out to be a total flop. The taste is really the only thing that counts anyway, right?

Hope you all had a great V-Day weekend. I'm off work today and am enjoying the day with Kate. I love days at home, just being a mommy, watching Curious George and Clifford the Big Red Dog. I may just leave these pj pants on all day. Heck, it's about noon anyway and I've still got them on.

If I can stay this unproductive all day, it'll be a great day.


Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

what a wonderful Valentine's Day! Go M to the Izz-A! all of the pics are so cute! and yay for a day off, don't get out of your pjs, and keep enjoying your sweet cute little selves=)!

Cindy said...

Sounds like a great weekend!!

Kat said...

Sounds like a WONDERFUL Valentine's weekend! :)

Tiffany said...

A massage sounds sooo good! Glad you had a great Valentine's Day!

Sherrie said...

Sounds like a great weekend. You are looking as gorgeous as ever! ;)

Kristy said...

WHY is Hamp not in that first picture??? C'mon lady! Throw us a belly shot! :)
Glad you had a good weekend! That cake looks delish!

Kerri said...

Kate looks like LB to me here...cute!

Matt is always so thoughtful...I know he scored major points with that! Sooooo thoughtful!

I bet y'all did have fun and alotta laughs at dinner.

GirlB300 said...

That's a fantastic picture of you guys! Just beautiful!

Lianna Knight said...

SOOO sweet! What a great Valentine's Day :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful 3 day Valentine's weekend!!

Rebecca Jo said...

Your husband totally rocked that surprise!!!