Tuesday, February 16, 2010


About a month ago, we added a new member to our family. His name is Junior. Kate absolutely loves this dog. They've become the best of friends and Junior is kind enough to endure whatever kind of 'fun' Kate has planned for them that day.

I love this girl. Sometimes her neck can be just a red as her Daddy's.

Speaking of friendships, I've had to rekindle an old one...and it's a beautiful thing.

Tums have made their way back into my life. The heartburn has started kicking in. But I must say, I LOVE Tums. I love them almost as much as I loved my Flinstone Vitamins when I was a kid. It was like candy, only it was good for me. I used to beg my mom to let me eat one of each color, instead of just one a day. And if I remember correctly, there were a few days I snuck back into the kitchen for an extra. Maybe that's why I grew to be so tall? Just kiddin'. My dad is 6'5, so that's where the height comes into play. So anyway, I'm back to snacking on Tums, and just like my vitamins as a kid, I still try and remember which color/flavor I ate last time and go for a different one each time. The Maalox tablets aren't too shabby either.
I never knew what heartburn felt like until I got pregnant. I used to hear my dad and grandad talk about it and never understood. But now I do. It's fierce. And ironically, it doesn't really burn in your heart region as much as it does in the back of your throat and esophagus. Sorry, sometimes I get carried away with details. And because I'm slightly obsessed with words and their meanings, it bothers me a bit that the word heartburn is a bit misleading.
Wow, sometimes the nerd in me slips out.
It's rare, but occasionally it does happen.
Tomorrow night M to the Izz-A is going to speak at my sister and her husband's (Sal Gal and Chad) church about the missions trip he took to Brazil. As he was preparing tonight, I realized that I never posted the pics from his trip. I plan on posting them soon. Please say a little prayer that God would use him and speak through him according to His perfect will.


Lianna Knight said...

She LOVES that dog!!! I can already tell...how sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

Aww, I love Jack Russells! Our family has 3 of them! (We only have 1.)

Tiffany said...

Kate and her friend look great together and I just love her little John Deere boots. I just starting popping the tums yesterday and I'm only 12 weeks :(

GirlB300 said...

Those are the cutest pictures! I'm with you on the heartburn, never understood it until I was pregnant. Thank God it goes away afterward.


I bought a thing of the Flinstone's Vitamins just the other day! I decided that I had not outgrown them, and that adults can eat vitamins too! :)

Kasey said...

Kate looks so big on the fourwheeler! She is really cute with Junior.

Wow. I had no idea Matt was going to speak at another church about the Brazil trip. That's great!

monogramgirl said...

Hollie, I never had experienced heartburn until pregnancy either. Had it twice (boy and girl :) and haven't seen it again! Love the pics of KAte with the pup.

Jamie Lynn said...

Reminds me of the dog I had when I was a kid:) (Slinkey!) Ahh!! I used to take him on my fourwheeler back in the day too. All but, I was a little bigger than Kate and my fourwheeler was adult size, still the same concept all the same:)
So cute!

Ashley said...

Holly- I can't wait to hear about how your husband liked Brazil! I'm a missionary kid (dad works for IMB) and I spent about 4 years in Brazil doing medical clinics!!!!

Can't wait to hear and see more!