Friday, October 16, 2009

Maybe he should have thrown a pair of sneakers into the gift bag?

M to the Izz-A is finally home! He strolled in around midnight and I managed to stay up until he did, which is late for me. I have the bedtime of an 80 year old. We stayed up 'til about 2 am with him sharing his stories and photographs. I'll post some pics of his trip soon, but for now, here's what he brought home for his two favorite gals.

For Kate:

And me:

Handmade jewelry and a pair of havaianas.

And he bought us a pair of matching bands made from coconut. It looks black in the photo but it's more dark chocolate brown, like..well, coconuts. :-)

We're happy to have him home. Please remind me next week that I actually said that I missed his little hair shavings around the sink. I may have been a bit delusional.

Last Wednesday night at church, right before our Beth Moore study group was about to begin, I sat down and crossed my legs, because I 'm lady-like, right? Not so fast. I'm pretty sure it's impossible to be lady-like with shoes like these:

(Pic taken with my phone)

I knew I was going learn something that night, but little did I know that part of my learning would occur before the class even began. One glance down and there it was in black and white. Literally.

Take a big guess as to which one is mine. You know how sometimes you think that your shoes may be a little bit dirty, but it's not until you see them next to a pair of bright, white new ones that you realize you were only kidding yourself? They're not just dirty, they're filthy and frankly, down right disgusting. I could feel them wanting to hide underneath the metal chair.

Thanks for opening my eyes Kristin, to the poor excuse of shoes that I so blindly sport.

Yes, Mama does need a new pair of sneaks. But ouch! Nothing like a fashion (or lack thereof) slap to the face!


TheVanzants said...

So glad Matt is home :) and I love the thoughtful gifts he brough home to his girls. How fun!

Love you all :)

Rebecca Jo said...

Love all the goodies... your necklaces are beautiful!!

hmmm... yes, dirty shoes you dont realize are that dirty until you stop & compare... so much to say on that... God speaks through anything!!!

Abby said...

Glad he's home safe! And don't feel bad about the shoes...I'm right there with ya!

Kasey said...

My sneakers are just as bad!

Jaime said...

lol... I'm with Kasey... my sneakers are just as bad... if not worse :)

madre' said...

I'm glad Matt had a good and safe trip. I know he saw and experienced things that he will never forget. Maybe he can tell me about it soon.I know he was blessed.\
About the dirty shoes....oxymoron--hollie--dirty shoes (but i like it)
I washed more little white tennis shoes than I care to remember!