Thursday, February 10, 2011

VDay parties

A few days ago, Kate and I sat down to write out her Valentines for her friends at school and church.  She insisted that I read each card to her, even if it was obviously a repeat of one I've read before. 

Me:  And I'm writing 'from Kate' on all of them so they'll know who it's from.
Kate:  No, Mama, not Kate...Katelicious!
Me:  I don't think I'll EVER be comfortable with adding -licious to the end of your name, sweet pea.  Let's stick with Kate, shall we?

She had loads of fun at her party and used the skating rink for running sprint races just as much as she did skating.  The party came complete with clowns, a magic show, face-painting, food, and cupcakes (which clearly falls under the category of food but sometimes I feel they deserve a special mention all their own).

Kate and her friend, Lyndi

performing their Valentine songs for the parents

Kate's friend, Joelie

After the magic show, the clowns hung around to paint the kids' faces. 

I learned a very important lesson yesterday at the party:  Never, ever try to cramp a clown's artist style.  I told the kind (and what I thought was open to suggestions) clown that Kate wanted two simple yet sparkly hearts, one on each cheek.  She looked at me and said, "Okay", but she must of been thinking, "Sure lady, whatever."    Because then Kate walked away with this:

She wasn't a clown, she was an artist, and my daughter's face was her canvas.  I actually ended up loving the finished product.  Super cute!

Kate and Alli

Last night was the nursery department's Valentine party at church.  They made heart-shaped pizzas!

Kate and one of her faves, Sara Gale

Hamp and Miss Halee

sweet Reesey

Jobeth, me, Kristin, and Halee (and Sara Gale!)  - great friends
  Today we went on our first official field trip with Kate's school.  The class performed their Valentine songs for our local senior citizens center and then took a trip to the post office to mail their 'special Valentines'.  (Something tells me I'm gonna be getting something 'special' in the mail in the next day or two.)


The post master just so happens to be our neighbor - Kate loves Mr. Jimmy!

Kate and Mr. Jimmy

On a side note, I was able to make Kate's Valentine ruffle pants and dress this year.  Although I purchased a sewing machine over two months ago, it wasn't until last week that I finally took it out of the box.  Prior to this, I didn't even know how to sew on a button.  I never realized how much fun sewing could be! 

If I've said it once, I've said it hundred times... I love this girl.


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Awe, such cute pics!

Kristen said...

Oh Katelicious, too funny!

I love Kate's vday outfits, great work. You have given me hope that maybe I can learn how to sew one day (I can barely sew on a button right now).

Dawn said...

Girl, you rock! I cannot even sew a button and I happily admit it! LOL! My MIL is the seamstress in our family! Love, love the pictures of Miss Katelicious!!


Kerri said...

Love the pics of Kate in all her Valentine attire! Girls are so fun!! Love that yellow/mustard jacket you have on too!

"The Mrs." said...

such cute outfits! ;)cose

Emily said...

Ok... I just love her!!! Mrs clown had to show u how amazing she is at painting faces;) I'm glad u told the bloggy world u sewed kate's outfits because I was about to post a comment and say... You failed to mention you made your darling daughters darling outfits;) u r my sewing role mOdel!!!
Where did u get your mustard jacket? I need me one!!! U cate and hamp r so cute! I just wanna squeeze u..

Emily said...

Oh and adding the lilicious to the end of her name!! Im laughing out loud! It's midnight, I'm n bed, Ryan wants to know what I am laughing at!!

The Pink Putter said...

Katelicious cracked me up! She is so cute!

And I noticed her pants and thought they were adorable, then I read that you made them and that's even better. You did a great job!

Abbi said...

that is so kate to say katelicious! keke now refers to herself as keke-a-licious..kates nickname for!

you go girl! you're doing good at your sewing! the outfits are cute!

The Regal Pup said...

Her outfit turned out so well, for you being a new sew(er?) Good job!

Stephanie said...

Kate is soo pretty!

Heather B. said...

Absolutely adorable. She has so much personality. :)

Tiffany said...

So I've had my sewing machine for 2 years and still haven't made anything other than curtains!

Great job and as always adorable kids!

Bridget said...

cute pictures! I bought a sewing machine about 4 yrs ago..still in box. You have inspired me to get it out and try!

TheVanzants said...

Kerri, I agree. Love that jacket,...alot.

Sewing is fun,....alot of fun. And you're doing great! Ruffle pants, enemy right now but maybe they'll become my friend one day soon. Sewing party soon,...YES!

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and it is so adorable, as are you and your sweet little family! :)

Rumana Akter said...

Kate is so sweet...

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