Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Cell Phone Chronicles: Edition 1

This blog post brought to you by: our cell phones

We had to take Kate and Hamp to the doctor yesterday, as what we thought was just the normal cold seemed to be lingering and getting worse. 

I was so thankful that M to the Izz-A was able to come along.  He usually sits in the back with the kids and is always such a BIG help.

What finally woke him up, you ask?  The sound of the text chime on his cell phone.  I sent this picture to him via text as we were pulling into the doctor's parking lot. 
That little chime went off and he hopped right find that picture awaiting him in his message inbox.
Believe me.  It really was hilarious.

And that's the picture that started it all.  We ended up chronicling our day with our cell phone cameras.  Pictures taken by Hollie and M to the Izz-A...and much to my surprise and dismay, Kate (you'll see...)

For once in our lives we arrived a smidge early for our appointment. 

Kate and "Juicy"

Waiting to be called back...

It was pretty quiet in the waiting room, except for my kids coughing and my voice softly (softly because the ladies at the sign-in counter stare at you if you talk for some reason) saying a version of something like this:
Kate sit down, honey.  Kate sit down.  Kate, come here baby.  Come and sit down, Kate.  Kate.  Kate.  Kate.
You get the picture.

Don't be fooled. Hamp enjoys a little camera time just as much as Kate.

See?  Kate tried to hop in front of him and he just wasn't having it.  He pulled her hair and would not let go.

 Still pulling.

Hamp - double ear infection
Kate - sinus infection

Kate didn't have an ear infection but she did have to have her ears cleaned out with the super-miniature water hose.  She was such a big girl.  Although she was scared, she managed to make it through the wet procedure.  We were so proud of her.  But because she's not one for being completely still, she left the appointment completely drenched.  So, we laid her pants on the car in the parking lot and chilled out for a few minutes so they could dry in the sun.  Then, loaded up and headed to Target to get their prescriptions filled.

You know I was totally hoping that there was somewhat of a wait time for their medicines.  Hence the reason I chose to get the prescriptions filled at Target.  Plus, we also needed diapers, wipes, formula, etc... you know, a whole paycheck's worth of baby supplies.

And with a smile, I graciously accepted the wait time of 20 minutes from the pharmacy tech, and Kate and I went browsing.

Kate's dollar rack find

Here's where Kate's photography skills come in.  She often plays on my phone because I have tons of games and apps for her on it.

Well, it appears she was a bit tired of having the camera pointed at her and wanted to turn the table (or phone) a bit.

Unfortunately for me, it was in the bathroom.  How happy am I that she didn't take this picture about 30 seconds earlier?  Words cannot describe. 

And it wasn't until after we got home and I started to upload the pics did I find out that she had taken the bathroom photo.  Sneaky, sneaky.

Also, who knew that sometimes I stand like a penguin?

After Target, we went to grab a bite to eat.  I think it's impossible for our family to ride past a Mexican restaurant without stopping.  And well, we had to eat dinner, so we went in for a quick meal.

The server came up and Kate looked to him and said, "fnviorvbnhuioavpn rpvnshs ptybvhgfusov bbhrius". 

We all looked confused and asked her what she said.  She looked at us like we were crazy and informed us that she was speaking to him in Spanish.

She cooled off her food with her fan lollipop that she got from Target's clearance candy section.    A fan and a lollipop, all in one.  Because sometimes licking a lollipop makes you sweat?  No wonder it was on clearance. 

After we finally made it home, Hamp did what he loves best - completely sprawled out.

Hoping my loves start feeling better soon!



JENNIFER ♥ said...

Your family is so adorable!!!!

Monogramgirl said...

this entire post made me laugh...not the sick kids of course...they look pretty cheery for being sick! Hope the weekend goes smoothly!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Such a cute family!

Love Lace said...

How cute that your daughter got out her fan lollipop to cool off her yummy mexican food! Such a cute thing! Hope your kiddos feel better soon!

ji said...

Too funny!!!! Sounds a lot like our family...just add a couple more kiddos!! Love the MJ your sweet little Kate is wearing!! :)


Bridget said...

Seriously Hollie, you crack me up! I pick on my husband and do stuff like the cell phone pic too lol. Target excuse...yep, I'm famous for that too:) cuteeeeeee family!

Abbi said...

i think our husbands can fall asleep anywhere. too funny!
that's a great reason to go to target. never had anything filled there before. i'll def try that now! in plus, target is a must if your in jax!
cute pics...the phone takes wonderful pics!

TheVanzants said...

That little Hamp-man, love him! :)